Presidential Nightmare

JUST wondering why Sen. Franklin Drilon, a presidential Kaalyado, in apparently trying to calm down a growing public perception against main Malacanang tenant’s damn love for his shooting buddies, would ask the ever P-Noy’s favorite LTO chief Virginia Torres to “spare the President from further criticisms.”

If the veteran lawmaker wants to make sipsip and come to the defense of the President, he should have instead gone directly by advising him that it’s about time to let go of his adored Torres as she’s become an excess baggage just a like a venom that gets into one’s body and that if not immediately given an antidote would slowly and completely disable it and in this case she could be a potential presidential nightmare for the next five years.

The good senator, while there’s nothing wrong with appealing to the untouchable P-Noy appointee, should better dare the President being the appointing authority to do what he must do in order to fend himself from further negative criticisms. Otherwise, his righteous path will get potholed in so short period of time and chaos comes in so quick that he could no longer tidy up the mess created by his monster pets.

The problem with some officials in the government is that even if they’re already doing disservice to the President they cling to their posts instead of taking it upon themselves not to think twice to resign in order to spare their boss from ensuing shame.

Caloocan’s Golden Year

A countdown, that started last Independence Day or exactly 250 days, marks the pompous celebration of the golden year anniversary of Caloocan as a city on February 16, 2012. Father-and-son tandem Mayor Recom Echiverri and Councilor RJ Echiverri, who is the national head of the Liga ng mga Barangay sa Pilipinas, have prepared numerous programs and activities that residents will surely remember in their lifetime.

The proud mayor says: “At 50 years old, we are ready to effect change in Caloocan which, during the past administration, did reach its full potential. Together, we shall leapfrog to the other side where progress is waiting and for the taking.”

Valenzuela’s Initiatives

The city government of Valenzuela is taking the right tack when it focuses its campaign against excessive cigarette smoking on thousands of commercial establishments that sell the products as it vows to arrest and penalize those who defy the law.

As early as April this year, more than 3,000 establishments have been installed with posters reminding store owners that the sale of tobacco products to minors is prohibited and therefore punishable by law, according to Mayor Win Gatchalian.

He adds: “We have taken huge steps in preventing minors – especially school children – from having access to these vices by posting as many posters in establishments as possible.”

Saying that smokers start at young age, Gatchalian, a non-smoker, says that in order to prevent this surge of smokers in the future, it must be restrained at an early phase. “Our information drive and monitoring is a long standing effort to implement the law. This will not come out short-handed, ” he stresses.

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