Sonny Parsons in concert with rock legend Toto

TOTO is an American band that enjoyed great commercial success in the late 1970s and 1980s worldwide including the Philippines. The group’s repertoire is associated with the soft rock genre combining elements of pop,  soul, funk,  R & B and jazz.

They reached  the Top 10 on the Billboard Hot 100 Chart, and were best known for “Rosanna,” “Africa, “I Won’t Hold You Back,”  “I’ll Be Over You,” “Hold The Line,” “Anna,” “Stairway To Heaven,” “Make Believe,” etc.

Toto disbanded and reunited over and over again over a number of years. They are now officially off, but Toto’s hits became larger than life and still get ample airplay worldwide and locally where it has a big chunk of avid following.

The good news is that the original member Bobby Kimball (real name Robert Kimball Toteaux) who has been doing solo shows worldwide featuring hits of Toto and his own solo materials is bringing a series of shows to the Philippines.

One urban legend has it that Toto probably got its name from Kimball’s family name Toteaux which when pronounced is “Toto” dropping the unsounded  letter “x” in it.

Bobby Kimball would outlive through much of the years the lives of other members, most of whom have been inactive due to illnesses, old age, and even reported substance abuse by a member.

Kimball left Toto in 1984 to go solo. He returned in 1998, recorded some albums and toured with the band until 2002.  The challenge to continue the musical legacy of Toto to their clamoring fans naturally fell upon the most active Kimball whose current worldwide tour includes series in Malaysia  and the Philippines.

Not totally a solo Toto or a sound-alike show, the repertoire that fans will hear is the very same one they have always associated with the band. It is because it was Kimball who was actually singing solo in Toto’s biggest hits, including the Grammy Album of the Year winner “Toto IV”  with the Record of the Year winner “Rosanna” in 1982.  Toto’s songs are big sellers and still get a lot of airplay worldwide to this day.

Parallel to the revival of the original Toto sound initiated by Kimball is the brilliant initiative of Sonny Parsons, the only remaining active vocalist of the 80’s male hunk sensation “Hagibis” to put together the sound and musicality of the  sorely missed group in the voices of the members of Manila Sound Mucho Macho namely Sonny Parsons himself, Bimbo Martin, Grace De Leon, Michelle Chuang, Frankie Enriquez, Garry Ragay, Bu Luna and Mike Recto.

Like what Kimball did to make Toto sound as organic the way it used to be to excite fans to his highly anticipated concert series worldwide, Parsons who is the most musically- gifted and disciplined member of Hagibis with his new group will come face-to-face  with one of Bobby Kimball’s  musical series in the country on July 4 billed “Toto’s Greatest Hits Tour” at the SMX Convention Center, Pasay City.

Produced by Circle Entertainment, Manila Sound Mucho Macho’s repertoire includes all-time favorite Hagibis sensations and foreign hits of the 80s.
Tickets to the show are now available at Ticket World and SM Tickets.

Incidentally, Sonny Parsons’s Manila Sound Mucho Macho band will perform with and accompany the top artists who will render songs on July 31 at Metro Bar, West Ave., Quezon City in the musical tribute to honor  Pepe Pimentel, legendary TV host behind one of the longest running shows on local television “Kwarta O Kahon.”

Open free to the public by invitation, the tribute which boasts of a  state-of-the art and memorable musical experience is made possible through the initiative of Pageant-Phil. of which  Sonny Parsons is vice president to the president and main benefactor Engr. Manuel “Bong” Pablico aka “Showbiz Guardian” with  board members Bimbo Martin, Bing Santos and George Vail Kabristante, Artistic Director of Balintataw Film & Theater Arts-UNESCO Phil. Centre for ITI (Intenational Theatre Institute) under National Artist for Theater Cecile Guidote Alvarez.

Engr. Pablico is the prime mover and preacher of Divine Government of God (DGG) movement whose doctrine is fully embodied in the revelatory  book of angels he authored and published in the United States titled “The Sounds of the Seven Trumpets” which is available for free upon request or thru

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