Young actor di makasagot kung sino ang chick na crush dahil lalaki rin ang hanap, hahaha!

HOW so very funny naman ang reaction ng isang bagets na aktor when asked about his crush at the moment. Hakhakhak!

Nangalay raw talaga ang mga panga ng mga intrigerang reporters sa kahihintay but he never gave them an answer. Hahaha!

Why is that so? Hahaha!

Well, the answer is basically simple, he was not expecting such kind of question because he finds it an affront or assault to his feminine values. Hakhakhak!

Feminine values raw, o! Hahahahahaha!

Obvious naman kasing girlalu siya right from the very start. Hahahaha!

At least on cam, he can afford to act like a man (Act like a man daw, o! Hahaha!).


Slim actress at good-looking matinee idol, lihim na MU?

MATINIK talaga ang itong gwaping na matinee idol/hunk na ‘to.

Imagine, pati pala ang payatolang young actress ay lihim daw na ka-MU nito.

Na-sight kasi in one occasion (gala premier ng isang produkto) na over ang sweetness nila at terno ang kanilang damit. Hahahaha!

Hindi lang daw sila makapag-come out in the open dahil iba ang mga cats na nali-link sa girlalu kaya lihim na lihim ang kanilang mating, I mean, meeting pala. Hahahaha!

Kaaliw naman.

So, it’s not true pala na back in each other’s arms na naman ang payatolang young actress at ang kanyang ‘negosyanteng’ (negosyante raw, o! Hahaha!) former paparu. Hahahaha!

Sa rami nga naman ng mga vaklushing nakasahod sa notes nito (nakasahod daw sa notes, o! Hakhakhak!) right decision na pabayaan na niya ito sa kanyang mga “mama.” Hakhakhak!

Anyway, focusing out conversation to her ex, obvious na nasosobrahan na siya at kulang na sa pahinga. Hahahahaha!

The last time we saw him on teevee, he was looking kind of tired and old way beyond his years. Hahahaha!

You need a little rest, kuya. Patang-pata ka na at kulang na sa freshness and dati-rati’y sariwa mong mukha.

Always remember, anything, when carried to an excess, is not good.


Laptop ni Direk Ricky ang ginetlag pero nagbalik pa para linisin ang crime scene

AMUSING naman ang eksenang nangyari sa pagitan ng direktor ng ABS CBN sa teleseryeng Mula Sa Puso na si Ricky Rivero at ng kanyang ‘lover’ na na-meet niya sa Facebook.

Imagine, nang hindi raw gibsungan ng andalu ni Direk ang ombaw, saksak galore ang inabot niya sabay getlag ng kanyang mamahaling laptop.

Ang kaso, Come Back To Sorrento and Be My Love pa ang ombre para linisin daw ang crime scene.

Sa aktong ‘yun siya naratnan ng mga taong naka-sense na something unusual was happening sa apartment ni Direk kaya caught in the act ang ombre. Hahaha!

Kung bakit kasi bumalik pa, hayan, nahuli tuloy. Hahahaha!


Congresswoman Emmeline Aglipay may showbiz blood pala

SHE is young and beautiful and ostensibly intelligent but Congresswoman Emmeline Aglipay seems to be the target of innumerable intrigues in the veritably intriguing world of politics these days.

For someone who comes from a conservative family, she’s been accused of so many things, some of which are downright fabrications but she seems not to be affected by it all.

Kung tutuusin, she could have been in show business since her first cousin the late Rico Yan had made quite a big name for him in the biz.

Come to think of it, the kind of intrigues that she gets to face in politics are not in any way different from the petty intrigues that her first cousin Rico had come to experience when he was still very much around.

“But I just want to play it straight,” she coos, her expressive pair of eyes radiating pure innocense and good-naturedness. “I am no prude but I hate monkey business.

“My dad (former PNP Chief General Aglipay) has inculcated in me the virtue of honesty.”

“My character is not naman that exemplary but I try to the best of my ability to be honest. And so far,” she adds simply, “I have the feeling that I’m slowly succeeding.

“It’s not an easy thing to do but I’m really trying.”

How does she react every time she gets to read some obnoxious lies written about her in the papers, the tabloids in particular?

“Nu’ng una, I have to admit that I find them quite upsetting,” she coos. “But these days, I have learned to take everything with a grain of salt.

“I believe naman that the truth will ultimately exonerate me from all the lies that some people are accusing me of.”

Very, very TRUE!


Si Sam ang bagong pantasya ng bayan Marianita Lukresya

HAHAHAHA! I don’t know how the consumptive-looking (consumptive-looking daw, o! Hahahaha!) Marianita is going to accept the latest survey that proclaims the goddess of beauty and weetness Sam Pinto as the reigning Pantasya ng Bayan. Hahahaha!

Poor Marianita L., lalong nawalan ng gana ang mga ombaw sa kanya when they learned of her cavalier attitude off cam. Hahaha!

Poor old woman, she is trying to go on a strict diet so that she would look slim ang gorgeous but in the process, she tends to accentuate all the more her biological age. Hakhakhak!

Si Sam Pinto, she’s capable of facing anyone without the slightest of make-up, darling (are you reading this diabolical Bubogita? Hahahaha!), because apart from the fact that she’s innately beautiful, she has the advantage of youth going for her.

E, si Marianita, sumuka man siya ng dugo sa pagpapapayat, mahahalata pa ring may edad na siya. Hakhakha!

Nothing can replace youth, darling. Cosmetics can enhance your looks but without them, how would you look?

Pale as a goat perhaps? Hahahahaha!

So put a stop to your baseless and utterly unfounded pronouncements that you’re a lot prettier than Sam because you’re not and never  will be. Period. Tanderaketch na Darna. Bwahahahaha!

Matulog ka nga nang maaga kung wala kang shooting dahil ang lalaki na ng eyebags mo, Lola. Hahahahahaha!

Ikaw rin, Bubonic, the titanic tsaka. Iwasan mo na ang gimmicks at late nightouts because you’re not as young as you used to be.



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