20 BIAF guerrillas surrender

CAGAYAN DE ORO CITY — At least 20 guerrillas of the Bangsamoro Islamic Armed Forces (BIAF), the armed wing of the Moro Islamic Liberation Front (MILF), surrendered Thursday, July 21, to the 51st Infantry Battalion in Malabang, Lanao del Sur.

Those who surrendered were members of the 1st Battalion of the 302nd Brigade of the 101st Base Command of the BIAF’s North Mindanao Front Command under Punder Balindong alias Abu Asraf; and 304th Brigade of the 116th Base Command of the BIAF’s Central Mindanao Front Command under Aleem Salic, said 1st Lieutenant Charlie B. Jaudian, CMO officer of the 51st IB of the Philippine Army’s 1st Infantry “Tabak” Division.

Asraf’s men have been operating in the municipalities of Pualas, Calanugas, and Picong in Lanao del Sur while Salic’s men have been operating in the municipalities of Marogong, Kapatagan and Balabagan in Lanao del Sur.

“All 20 MILF guerrillas surrendered to Lt. Col. Caesar Marlon M. Yadao, commander of the 51st IB at his headquarters in Barangay Matling, Malabang, Lanao del Sur last Thursday,” Jaudian said.

Those who surrendered were Johari Aquino, Yasir G Liwalug, Taha Alim, Haroun Alim, Norodin U Usman, Abdulla E Imba, Jamel A Esmael, Matho Dimatingal, Mama C Saad,  Nashruddin Imam Ampac, Akol Samper Imam, Busran Tomambid Nori, Sansawi Macarampat Lida, Amirusin Montaner Jamil, Jubair M Boloto, Almojib Macapodi Batua, Hadji Latip Imam Binal, Ibra M Binal, Acmalic L Abba and Mamay R Salem.

They also handed over their firearms that include a Caliber 5.56mm M16 rifle bearing; one magazine and thirty rounds ammunitions; six caliber .30 Garand rifles with two clips and eight rounds caliber .30 ammunitions; two M203 with two 40MM ammunition; three M79; two Rocket Propelled Grenade (RPG) with one round ammunition; one caliber 9mm Ingram with one magazine and two caliber 9mm ammunitions; two caliber .45 pistols with one magazine; and one caliber .38 revolver.

All of them admitted to the military that they have grown tired hiding from authorities in the mountains under the mercy of the elements and wild animals.

“We have gained nothing with the MILF but hardship,” they said, adding that they also want to avail of the livelihood program of the government for rebel returnees.

Yadao encouraged others still in the mountains to return to the government to avail of the livelihood programs. Albus D. Estabas

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