3K lang dati ang booking fee ng sikat na aktres!

ONE weary afternoon in a fastfood chain somewhere in Kyusi, a sextegenarian Fil-Chinese friend was talking big about his sexcapades way back in his teenage days and our attention was grabbed when he mentioned the name of this angelic actress who is in her mid-30s and is very active as a Kapamilya.

“ Niregalo siya sa akin noon ng barkada kong mayaman at maniwala ka, mga twenty years ago, e, three thousand pesos lang ang binayad sa kanya para sa isang gabi and in fairness, satisfied naman ako,” arrogantly mused by our friend who was seated just beside us.

We really couldn’t believe the rumors about Double A that she used to be a professional hooker because her flirty personality doesn’t show in her total package as a person.

Also, among our TV personalities who are in their mid-30s, I can say with authority that she is one of the few who can still upstage younger actresses with her beauty and style.

Now, all we can say is, “suwerte naman ng dabarkads namin!”


HAVING a powerhouse cast in a 2 p.m. timeslot is indeed experimental but the think- tank and the production people behind “Reputasyon” in ABS-CBN2 are fearless enough to beat on it.

True enough, afternoon televiewers are glued and are now truly addicted with the very Filipino way of presenting the slant and twists of Direk Jeffrey Jeturian’s project.

Gone were the days of TV gimmickry being the peg of the publicity slant, thinking that the viewers will still buy the idea and in return, follow the teleserye like a real fanatic.

The primary interest of TV buffs nowadays is the storyline and casting is on the near second. Gimmicks and intrigues will just entertain the public but it doesn’t follow that they will also religiously watch the TV serye.

Such is the case of Reputasyon where the storyline continues to develop while Cristine Reyes, maintains her interesting character in this top-rater Kapamilya teleserye.

By the way, the lead star on our first item is not included in Reputasyon but is one of the main cast in Kapamilya’s upcoming serye.


IF YOU want to see more skin and steamier love scenes, then you shouldn’t miss the local version of “Maria la del Barrio” because Direk Rory B. Quintos and Direk Richard Somes collaborated to produce a sensual picture with Enchong Dee and Erich Gonzales as the lead characters.

All of the cast have nothing but praises with the way Direk Rory disciplines her actors. Direk has her own special way of teaching the members of the cast some techniques on internalization, especially Erich, when hot scenes and showing of some skin are needed.

“I have no problem with Erich and I think she’s ready with her character in Maria la del Barrio,” avers the lady director.

How about the controversial “patong scene” of Enchong and Erich where the young actor was shot on top of the SCQ lady?

“I straightforwardly told Erich that this particular scene is really needed and she didn’t think twice. She readily agreed,” says Direk Rory.

Atta girl, Erich.

Now, if Direk Rory is going to choose between TV and film, what’s her pick?

“Film is where I practice my craft,” she safely answers but gives a deep meaning into it.

Anyway, don’t ask if the lead starrer in our BI in the first item is included in this teleserye. Our lips are sealed,he,he,he!


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