Alam kaya ito ni MVP? Kapatid network hindi nagbabayd ng sweldo!

THE owner of this aggressive network is truly a moneyed man. The money is in fact, in his name.

That is why we cannot see any reason why the said network cannot pay our back wages from last year. A meagre amount of back wage is indeed not a big issue with “the man” but what our concern is the length of time we have waited to collect the earnings which is, in the first place, ours.

One year of waiting is too long for a small amount of back wages that we are collecting and their brilliant reasoning why this thing is happening is because: the pertinent papers for the back wages were lost and they, again, started from the scratch.

Lame excuse, isn’t it?

What if the small amount of money that we are collecting will save a life?

We are pretty sure that the “big man” is not aware of what is happening at the Human Resource Department of this network which is primarily responsible for the setback of the back wages we are collecting and we are also convinced that we are not the only victim of this delay.

If this network can pirate big stars from other big TV companies by doling out big amount of money, then why can’t they be responsible enough to pay the back wages of their production people regardless of their excuses?

Can we call the attention of the MVP regarding this matter please? We are sure he will not allow this dastardly thing to happen right under his turf.


For seven years of relationship..Jolina Magdangal, never naging masaya sa ex!

THIS one-liner can be considered one for the books.

“Minahal ni Jolina (Magdangal) si Bebong for seven years pero never siya naging Masaya pero with Mark, bukod sa masaya siya, e, mahal din niya ito.”

The line hit us right in the heart for this is indeed true in the language of love.

If you are going to choose between loving miserably and loving happily, surely, you will choose the latter.

Now, you have to guess the name of this man close to Jolina’s heart who blurted out this one liner. Your guess is as good as ours.


Kapag tumakbo bilang presidente ng Pinas…Sam Pinto panalo!

EVEN Ms. Ingrid of the Summit Publishing is ecstatic with the votes garnered by Sam Pinto just to snatch the FHM’s Sexiest Woman in the Philippines from Marian Rivera, Angel Locsin and Katrina Halili.

Who will not be amazed with the gigantic accomplishment of Sam when she jumped from the 30th rank, she climbed her way up to the first rank by getting close to 30 million votes?

And if 30 million votes will not kick us in the teeth, so to speak, then what else will give us a jolt?

If Sam will decide to run as the president of the Philippines and get the same number of votes, then she will be the runaway winner, isn’t it, ha,ha,ha!


Tigilan na ang pagne-nega sa ‘Temptation Island!’

AFTER the showing, came the accounting of the total gross income. Then it was followed by the figure saying that the movie “Temptation Island” is a certified blockbuster hit.

But the affirmation of the box office receipt from Regal production was also followed by allegations that the figures they released were not real.

Some film brokers are declaring that Mother Lily Monteverde unofficially added a couple of millions to create a picture of a real top grosser.

Perhaps at this point in time wherein movie industry is not yet back on its feet, we should just be thankful that there is one Mother Lily who is continuously producing mainstream movies amidst the economic instability of the local filmdom.

Questioning the real figures they released, whether real or not, will not help in any way the industry of film making.


Wonder Gays panalo sa production numbers!

THE famous manager of Baywalk Bodies, Mr. Lito de Guzman, already announced before the start of the show of his new sing and dance group, Wonder Gays, at the Music Box a few nights ago.

“Huwag na huwag kayong aalis hangga’t hindi pa tapos ang show dahil marami kayong mami-miss,” Lito sternly stressed.

True enough, there were lots of marvelous production numbers coming from every member of Wonder Gays that we witnessed visibly awed.

The supreme rendition of the song Bohemian Rhapsody by Green was fabulous. The medley of “suicidal songs” by White’s falsetto voice was extremely electrifying.

We were also mesmerized by the way he distinctly performed every song number of Celine Dion.

What else can we ask for but encore for this gay group. Clap,clap,clap.


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