Aquino’s latest State of the Nation Address

PRESIDENT Benigno “Noynoy” Aquino III won the top office of the land primarily be-cause of his anti-corruption platform and the people’s disgust of Gloria Macapagal Arroyo’s regime so I am wondering why his critics are yakking over the absence of road mapping and agenda setting in his latest State of the Nation Address.

Considering his promise during the electoral campaign, I submit Aquino is doing a fine job of constantly reminding the nation  about the abuses of the previous regime and running after its perpetrators.

He would be remiss in his duty if he stops reminding our nation, which admittedly has a very short memory span, about the corruption and the reason why he was so disgusted of Arroyo‘s rule.

Furthermore, Aquino is right to stress that his desire to run after crooked elements in government and those who took advantage of the people is a personal quest because all of us are personal victims of their injustice.

He rightfully asked everyone to make the anti-corruption cause personal. I believe the anti-corruption campaign is the one ‘tuwid na daan’ that Aquino will keep straight until the end of his term.

Admittedly Aquino’s SONA is lacking in political and economic vision and it is not even  green or pro-environment but it is full of reason for us to hope that maybe, just maybe, something could be done this time to end the culture of impunity that became so brazen in all sectors of the government, civilian or military, during Arroyo’s regime.

He still has five more years in office…five more years to figure out what to do with our economy, whether to follow the existing path of self destruction or dare to envision a brave new world for our nation.

Let us pray and work hard that Aquino may see the true light at the end of the tunnel.

Hopefully we will know his vision in the next SONA.

* * *

One of my readers, reacting to my recent columns, commented that it is time to heal and that we should end political vendetta — meaning we should stop prosecuting those who allegedly took advantage of the people or committed human rights violations and that we should just live and let live.

I agree that it is time to heal.

But to just for-give and forget without demanding any accountability from these abusive dealers of injustice we would just be contributing to the proliferation of the culture of impunity.

To seek justice for the victims of the crooked ones is not a political vendetta.

It is just the right thing to do.

Are we to allow these shameless peo-ple who committed terrible injustice against the nation to go Scot free for the sake of unity?

To do so is to justify what they did leading to more acts of injustice. We should rightfully feel indignant with what they did. Yes my readers, we need closure and unity but more importantly we also need justice. (To be continued)

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