CIDG drive hurting smugglers

IF ONLY the Criminal Investigation and Detection Group (CIDG) would get the much-needed support from the concerned government agencies like the Bureau of Customs, the all-out war being waged by Director Sammy Pagdilao Jr. against the so-called economic saboteurs like smugglers and big-time tax evaders would certainly be a success.

The gritty general, who earlier got his two stars, something that he says would make him more determined to bring out the best in him to carry out laws to the letter, was unfazed by the recent media disinformation drive against CIDG in the wake of its stepped-up anti-smuggling operations.

Warning his men not to be in cahoots with the syndicates as he wouldn’t hesitate to deal with them accordingly, Gen. Pagdi, as he’s fondly called by many, has issued a tall order on his commanders to spare no holy cows in the CIDG’s campaign against smuggling and told them not to give in to harassments from smug-glers who are using smug-gling money to discredit the agency.

Rejecting outright the pay-off being offered by the smuggling operators, Gen. Pagdi reveals that these syndicates are now hurting with the CIDG’s recent suc-cessful operations against smugglers and economic saboteurs.

He declares: “Such media blitz will not discourage the CIDG to pursue a no-letup drive against tax evaders and smugglers because we believe it is an important tool to level the

playing fields and boost the confidence of both local and foreign investors in the investment climate of the country.”

The public can be CIDG’s close partner by coming out and reporting any information about incidents of smuggling and other economic sabotage crimes they know.

After all, we all have shared responsibility for our country’s sake.

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