Maaliwalas na ang mukha ng magandang TV personality nang ‘offline’ na sila ng maarteng aktor

HAHAHA! Shakira kami nang inaadvertently ay mag-meet kami ng isang sosing teevee personality na nakarelasyon ng isang pa-intelehenteng aktor na galing naman sa kahirapan.

Hahahahaha! Bigla ngang naging butt of jokes ang pa-S na aktor na galing naman sa palengke nang out-of-the-blue ay bigla siyang maging spokening dollar. Hahahahaha!

Matayog kasi ang saranggola ni kuya at nag-iilusyon siyang ma-penetrate ang international market.

Really? Hahahahahaha!

Anyway, looking back, and this was the time when they were still an item, obvious na walking on centerhooks ang sosyaladang girl and she was osrensibly having a hard time coping up with the actor’s tantrums and mood swings.

Mood swing daw, o! Hahahahahaha!

Hitsura ng babaing nireregla, di ba naman? Hakhakhak!

But all seem to be indubitably fine in as far as her life these days is concerned.

For one, she has ostensibly added some becoming poundage and her face seems to be oozing with innate smugness and complacency.

Mahirap talagang makarelasyon ang isang lalaking may pagka-AC/DC na dahil sa immense exposures niya sa mga vaklushi. Hakhakhak!

But somehow, parang mas bagay sa sophisticated girlalu ang kanyang harassed look before. Hahahahahahaha!

Super svelte kasi siya that time and she moved with a feline grace reminiscent of a fashion and ramp model. Hahaha!

Anyway, I’m not asking you to smoke the peace pipe with your AC/DC boyfriend. But I guess you need to tone down your food intake just a little bit. Hakhakhak! You’re fast becomming plump my dear, do watch out for the kind of food that you eat.

‘Yun lang!


Dahil madalas masulat ang kanyang kapraningan, behave na raw ngayon ang tsakang si Marianita (Ferminata timbog ang Balitang si Jake Ejercito ang nakabuntis kay Andi!)

HAHAHA! Dahil madalas ma-expose ang kanyang bornok na pag-uugali, nagbi-behave na raw lately si Marianita L. as per Alex Datu’s reportage.


Imagine, she went to the extent of writing Manay Celia a letter (such cheap plasticity I tell you…Hahahahaha!) when she was invited at the recent birthday celebration of the veteran actress that was held in the faraway Bulacan.

Obviously, Marianita L. would want to project the image of good-naturedness of late after showcasing her repugnant traits in many occasions. Hahahahaha!

Well, the question that’s continuously roiling in the minds of so many people is, for how long would she be able to hold on to her newfound feigned graciousness?


Parang si Ferminata rin ‘yan. Magpa-plastic for a while and then back to her old despicably repugnant ways once again. Hakhakhak!


Ang plastic ay plastic ay plastic!

Period. Walang comma!

And speaking of the tupperware Ferminata, butata si lola dahil timbog ang binalita niya sa kanyang walang nakikinig na radio show na si Jake Ejercito kuno ang ama ng dinadala ni Andi Eigenmann. Hahahaha!

‘Yan ba ang babaing (?) may kredibilidad kuning-kuning?


Ikaw na ba ang pumalit kay Madam Rosa, inang? Hahahahaha!

Kunsabagay, you have exactly the same face. Hakhakhak! The main difference lies in your figure being untakably obese while she’s svelte and slim. Hakhakhak!

Anyway, a lot of people are asking me why your shows are still existing in spite of the fact that you’re being avoided like the plague by the discriminating ad men.


It’s simple, lola, your avid fan Perci Intalan is still there to give you ample protection inspite of the glaring and disturbing fact that you’re a veritably pathetic, miserable has-been. Hahahahahahahaha!

With a face like that, who would have the appetite to watch teevee?


Anyway, Mr. Manny Pangilinan happens to be fantastically loaded, maybe he wants to be magnanimous and what a most flamboyant way to show it than retaining pitiful you. Hahahahahahahaha!


Aiko Melendez sizzles at ‘Reputasyon!’

POLITICS became her world for quite sometime.

Momentarily, people forgot what she was and who she was before the intriguing world of politics enveloped her with its momentarily blinding aura.

But acting beckoned her once again to showcase her special kind of talent that was responsible for the kind of popularity that she has perennially enjoyed all these years by way of the afternoon soap “Reputasyon” that boosts of an impressive thespic talents that include Jacklyn Jose, Lito Pimentel, Emilio Garcia, Deborah Sun, Jill Yulo, Andre Garcia, John James Uy, acclaimed directors Laurice Guillen and Celso Ad Castillo, along with the main stars Jason Abalos, Rayver Cruz and the provocative Cristine Reyes who, as always, gives her finest best in this glowing afternoon soap.

Going back to Aiko, she delineates an off-beat role that’s guaranteed to make you hate her while admiring her acting prowess at the same time.

Do watch it after “Happpy, Yippee, Yehey!”

It’s a pretty absorbing soap that’s guaranteed to keep you riveted on your seats.

After all, the masters, Jeffrey Jeturian and Mervyn Brondial, are behind it.


Dyuts raw kaya iniwan si papa

HOW uproariously funny namang these stories revolving around the unexpected parting of ways of this former actress who had opted to separate with her husband of many years just to go back to her former flame who was not in any way belonging to the lofty status of her legal husband.

Why is that so?

Why leave a husband who’s educated and a man of culture and erudition to boot just to live with a man who’s not in any way his equal?

Well, ang sabi naman ng mga intrigera, sawa na raw sa regular na nota ang girlalu kaya come back to Sorrento and be my love ang naging drama niya.


True ba naman ito?

Kunsabagay, sometimes, women have needs that most men just tend to disregard believing that their mere presence would more than suffice.

Ang di nila alam, minsan, a good sex plays a pivotal role in the lives of husbands and wives.

Di ba naman? Hakhakhak!

And sometimes, the size, too. Hakhakhak!


Okay lang kahit contravida

KUNG ang ibang aktres ay masyadong partikular sa roles na kanilang ginagampanan, Bela Padilla is happy with the idea that she’s a working actress regardless of the roles that are coming her way.

“Kung lead actress, fine with me po, but if it’s something interesting and challenging, I wouldn’t mind delineating a contravida roles,” Bela P. intones.

Kaya nga rito sa “Sisid” kung saan si Jackie Rice ang lead actress at medyo anti-heroine ang kanyang role, okay lang daw sa kanya. “After all, it’s work and I would get paid for the efforts that I would be exerting so fine with me.”

Maliban sa acting job sa GMA, happy si Bela sa kanyang column writing chore sa isang braodsheet.

Lately nga, nagpunta pa siya sa abroad para gawin ang isang interview kaya naman super fulfilled siya.

Iilan-ilan nga naman ang mga artistang fluent sa English at can afford na isalin in writing ang kanyang mga absorbing points of view.

Asked to comment about Marianita, the old maid rivah, she just smiles enigmatically and has opted not to comment anymore.

“Tapos na po ‘yun,” she coos. “Mag-move on na tayo ‘coz it’s not going to do us any good.”

Oo nga naman.


Si Gerald pa rin ang nasa puso ni Kim?

KAYA naman pala tinigbak na ni Kim Chiu ang kanyang mga ardent suitors ay dahil parang maganda na naman ang ihip ng hangin between her and Gerald Anderson.

“Totoo ‘yan, Pete,” so says a devoted Kimerald follower.”Gerald is still very much around whenever Kim needs him.

“At the recent pictorial of her new house for Kris TV, Gerald is the one who invited the chef to demo the cook wares that he gave to Kim (200k plus worth cook wares).

“Gerald and his mom are not included in the said teevee show. They just dropped by to entertain the staff and crew.”

Well, mukhang nangangamoy-balikan na, true kaya?

“You will know if and when they would,” she tells us enigmatically.


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And with that, ito po ang kuya Pete ninyo na nagsasabing, Christopher, my son, I love you very, very much, my love for you goes beyond eternity.

Adios. Mabalos. I always need you, Nong!

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