Manny Pacquiao says nobody can buy happiness

EIGHT-DIVISION boxing champ and the richest member of the House of Repre-sentatives Sarangani Cong. Manny Pacquiao is right when he said over the week-end that money is not everything and nobody, not even himself, can buy happiness. Ford Magazine has reported that Manny is now worth over a billion peso.

The reason we agree with Manny who made his first million in 1999 after his fight with Medgeon Singsurat of Thailand is that happiness is not for sale and therefor has no tag prize for it is given for free.

As a Catholic we believe in what Jesus told his followers when He was asked by them where the kingdom of God was located and He said: “The kingdom of God (happiness) is within you. So it is always there and in order to experience happiness all we have to do is claim it through faith in unity with Him.

CAR BACK.  The Catholic Bishops’ Conference of the Philippines (CBCP)  returned yesterday the vehicles given by the Philippine Charity Sweepstakes Office (PCSO). Checks were issued to buy sport utility vehicles or other vehicles during the Senate Blue Ribbon Committee hearing investigating anomalies at the PCSO.

Seven  bishops,  except one who is in the US, apologized to the public and justified receiving the cash in good faith for the purchase of the vehicles from the PCSO.

There is no doubt the controversy put the Catholic Church in the bad light regardless of whether the PCSO donation to eight dio-ceses is proper or not and legal or not.

The dioceses were among the more than 100 institutions given cash donations by the PCSO.

I think the return of the vehicle donation to the PCSO by the CBCP would be sufficient enough to repair whatever injury it has inflicted on government, and to pursue further the case to the court of law until the eight bishops are punished by imprisonment no matter how short would be an overkill.

Our people are expecting Congress after the Senate investigation in aid of legislation onPCSO anomalies to pass a law amending PCSO charter to avoid similar inci-dents or  controversies.

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