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THERE’S no stopping for World Boxing Champ and Sarangani Rep. Manny Pacquaio to climb up there at the zenith and get things done this time not for his personal interest but his strong advocacy to lick poverty particularly in the countryside.

There are only few good men, so to speak, like Pacman who in spite of his successes and global popularity, he remains a God-fearing and modest crea-ture. I must confess, before when he’s only winning every bout on the ring, this only made me grin for I thought all the while that it’s all for his own benefits and pride, no more no less.

Well, I erred. The pugilist-law-maker has indubitably gained my admiration all over the years like many do obviously for sharing the blessings and fortunes he gets especially to the needy with whom he has kind heart as he was once like them. Therefore it wouldn’t be surprising if more people would appreciate and recognize his works that are indeed worth-emulating and given the fact that only few who reached the same peak like Pacman does have unselfishly shared their riches without asking for anything in return.

Not to be outdone, the Habitat for Humanity led by business ty-coon Fernando Ayala conferred him with recognition and called him as its ‘Habitat Hero Ambassador.”

The Habitat says the boxing champ’s unselfish initiative of sharing his wealth to help the homeless to have their own decent homes in safer communities and to help build schoolrooms for the schoolchildren especially in the far-flung areas of the country is an exemplary humanitarian endeavor.

Humbled by the appreciation he gets, Rep. Pacquiao says: “It is indeed a great honor for me to be given recognition as Habitat Hero Ambassador and to become a partner of people who work hard in building our nation to fight poverty and help better the lives of our fellow Filipinos.” He adds: “I especially have a wonderful dream for my Kababayans in Mindanao, particularly in Sarangani. I dream that each family will live in decent homes and in safe and secure communities.”

Vowing to build houses for the public school teachers, for those who were stricken by calamities and for the families that were displaced by conflicts, the Sarangani lawmaker says the new partnership with the Habitat, an international organization that helps build houses for the home-less, will open doors to more people who are willing to extend their hands to those who are in need.

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