Now it can be told: Nagsimula ang pagka-imbiyerna ni Marianita nang i-request ni Dingdong na mag-guest si Sam sa ‘I Heart U Pare’

FINALLY, Peter and I were able to interview the controversial star of the hour Sam Pinto at her manager’s resto in Pasay city the other day.

Clad in a simple beige dress that more than accentuated her svelte body and comely charm, FHM’s prettiest candidly talked about many topics under the sun, the most interesting of which happened to be her controversial rift with the ill-mannered buruka of GMA, Marianita Lukresya.

“She was very nice naman to me before,” Sam averred. “Tinutulungan pa nga niya ako kapag may San Miguel event. But everything has changed since that Dingdong issue came into fruition.

“Ni-request daw kasi ni Dingdong na mag-guest ako sa ‘I Heart U Pare’ before.

“That’s the time she started acting weird.”

Looking back, sa hallway raw ‘yun ng “Party Pilipinas,” kausap daw niya si Ogie Alcasid when Marianita tried to purposely bump into her. “It was a good thing I was able to dodge her,” she narrated.

What if she was able to hit her and started saying nasty things about her?

Would she fight back or give her a doze of her own medicine?

“I don’t really know,” came her slightly indifferent answer. “Sasabihin ko siguro, ‘Are you done?'”


“Honestly, I really have nothing against her,” she cooed. “I would tell her siguro na, sige, maganda ka na. Ikaw na ang pinaka sa lahat.”


Anyway, Sam is too busy and overwhelmed with the superfab things that are happening to her career to pay scant attention about the flagrant insecurities of a bitch of a witch like Marianita whose insecurities are mounting and piling up with each passing day. Hahahahahaha!

What a pity.

“It’s crazy!” she trills, changing the topic. “I can’t believe every single thing is happening to me.

“I admit it’s tiring but loving every minute of it!” she trills.

“I keep thinking, ang daming taong who would want to be in my place now.”

What about this thing about Richard Gutierrez, is he really ardently pursuing her?

“You want me to be honest?” she demands bright-eyed with excitement. “I would say that he’s making some moves.

“Mas pinapansin niya ako ngayon. He was nice but reserved before,” she articulates. “He’s very vocal now about his feelings.”

So, may possibility na maging sila talaga?

“Let’s see,” she evasively states.

But there was this bit of info that we got insinuating that she was more fond of Aljur Abrenica before Richard came into the picture.

“I would say na mas gusto ko si Richard,” she asseverates. “He’s very gentleman and very good-looking too!”

Hahahahahaha! Ang isda raw sa bibig nabibingwit. Di ba naman Bubogski? Da tsakang Tagalista? Hakhakhak!

‘Yun na!

Bisita nga pala ni Sam that afternoon ang gwaping na winner ng Win A Date with the winners for FHM.

The guy is tall and young and pretty good-looking.


Ferminata iritadang-iritada pa rin sa ‘The Buzz’ people hahaha!

UP TO NOW, sour graping pa rin si Ferminata sa “The Buzz” people. So much so that most of the time, she finds immense pleasure in writing some very nasty things about them in her pralalaic columns. Hahahahahaha!

Many times, she would hit the show’s EP Ms. Nancy and would find extreme happiness in berating her in her cheaply written columns. Hahahaha!

Ms. Nancy is not in any dwarfish but she keeps on needling her about her supposed petite frame. Hahahahaha!

So what if she’s not that tall? For a Filipina, she’s tall enough and fairly attractive too with her satiny skin tone unlike yours that’s basically scars infested. Hakhakhak!

Dahil sa babaing-babae siya, maraming tiyak ang magkakagusto sa kanya.

Ikaw kaya, meron? Hakhakhak!

How gross!

Also, fabulous pa rin ang ratings ng The Buzz as compared to your show that’s frequently changing its timeslot for its being devoured and clobbered up at the ratings by ABS-CBN’s super hot showbiz-oriented program.



Magnganga ka na lang, lola, dahil bagay na bagay sa fezlak mo ang fave pastime ng mga lolas sa probinsiya. Hahahahahahaha!

Nakahihiyaaaaaaaa! Hahahahahahahaha!

Period. Ayoko ng tsakaaaaaaaaaaa!


Bakit di na bumibirit si Sarah?

WATCHED my favorite musical-variety program on a Sunday afternoon at ABS-CBN (Asap Rocks) and I noticed that Sarah Geronimo’s not being given the chance anymore to belt out some vocally-demanding songs the way she used to.

Por que?

Kala ko ba she went all the way to the United States to further hone her musical talents and dancing skills? How come the songs that she is being made to dish out are not the vocally-demanding variety?

Ang bababa ng mga type of songs na pinakakanta sa kanya kaya ang ending, di tuloy mag-shine ang kanyang God given musicality.

Sana naman ay mga vocally-demanding songs rin ang ipabirit sa kanya para naman di lumalabas na inferior ang kanyang vocal range as compared to Angeline Quinto.

Naku Sarah, kantahin mo ‘yung mga songs na nagpasikat sa’yo noon para naman hindi ka nagmumukhang inferior kay Quinto.

The sooner you do it, my sweet, the better!



Drew at Iya seryoso na sa isa’t isa

HOW soon time flies! Parang kailan lang ‘yon when Iya Villania started out in show business tapos when you look back, it’s been seven long years na pala siya rito.

And all these years, her relationship with Drew Arellano has remained unwaveringly solid.

Something for the books considering the fact that temptations abound in it, hence, maintaining a relationship is indeed an infinitely hard thing to do.

“25 years old na ako ngayon,” she confesses to Toni Gonzaga by way of her TGIS segment at The Buzz last Sunday. “And, admittedly,  there are wedding talks between Drew and I but nothing is definite yet.

“My mom is certainly very strict but she has come to trust him a lot.

“Si mommy nga ang ka-date niya most of the time.

“Basta sa ngayon, we’re getting there na at alam kong siya na.

“Yes, he’s the one,” she admits candidly. “Sa tagal namin, na-confirm ko after seven years.

“Of course it’s not a perfect relationship. There were happy moments but conflicts as well along the way.”

Busy nga pala si Iya sa bago nilang show entitled “I Dare You.”

“Please watch us this week,” she enthuses. “Bago na mga challengers namin,” she intimates.


Sixty pesos lang pinagpalit sa trabaho

HAHAHAHAHA! Kaaning naman ang nangyari sa mga vaklushi na nagtatrabaho sa isang show sa isang mabongga sa datungang network.

“Hi friend, recently ay nahuli ang tatlong bading na nagnenok ng Pau Liniment na pinamimigay sa mga contestants,” our source breezily says amused. “Pagbigay ng bag, wala ng laman ito at inamin naman nila sa EP ng show ang kanilang krimen.

“Napakababaw ng pagkakatanggal nila sa show,” elucidates our souce. “Nang-umit ba naman ng Pau Liniment na 60 pesos lang ang halaga. Hahaha!

“Sana bumili na lang sila, noh?”

Oo nga naman.


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And with that, ito po ang kuya Pete ninyo na nagsasabing, Christopher, my son, I love you very,very much, my love for you goes beyond eternnnity.

Adios.Mabalos. I always need you, Nong!

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