Now we know why (2)

MANY any are now suspecting that since the people are getting tired of the Arroyo bashing by President Aquino, he is now exaggerating our dispute with China to whip out nationalistic fervor in a bid to cover up his shortcoming as a leader.

This is a favorite tactic by world leaders who are trying to avoid responsibility over their failure to govern.

The most recent example is that of George Bush, Jr., former president of the United States, who, in a bid to shore up his popularity and cover up his domestic failures decided to invade Iraq.

It seems that Aquino is doing the same.

Unfortunately if a shooting war would erupt we would be at the losing end since nobody would help us even with the protestation of support by the US to us.

We will be the victims as there is no way we can beat China. (Even the US is wary of the newly found Chinese military might).

Do not be fooled.

The US won’t choose us over China.

Her economy is dependent on China while ours is dependent on the US.

Their strategic interests lie in China and not with us, Filipinos.

Also take note that since Barack Obama became US president, our role as a US ally changed dramatically as the new president favored
Indonesia more than us. Remember part of Obama’s youth was spent in Indonesia.

We are no longer the darling of the US government in Southeast Asia.

* * *

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