PNCC: A rising GOCC phoenix

IN HIS “Ulat Sa Bayan” held at the Philippines Sports Arena (formerly, ULTRA) on June 30 where he summarized the achievements of his year-old Administration, Pres. PNoy made special mention of the Philippine National Construction Corporation (“PNCC”)  for implementing cost-cutting financial measures that has reduced the agency’s monthly overhead expenses from P22 Million to only P11 Million.

The presidential citation is significant for two reasons. First, it is proof that the Administration’s avowed policy of austerity in government instrumentalities/departments/agencies inevitably involved in running the day-to-day specific chores of governance is, in fact, doable if officials/officers at their  helm are only determined to put their hearts, honesty and integrity in implementing such policy – in the better interest of public service.

Second, it showcases how PATRIOTIC MANAGEMENT – late as it might be – could provide not just flickers of hope  but concrete signs that an erstwhile huge income-generating  government agency, such as PNCC, ironically pushed to perdition thru the methodical manipulative caper of the very people entrusted to man and run the same, is rising from the ashes, like the mythical phoenix.

The President could not have chosen a better tandem to pursue the original PNCC vision than in Atty. Rainer B. Butalid (Chairman of the Board) and Atty. Luis F. Sison (President).

Butalid is the brilliant, gutsy and visionary former Vice Governor of the Province of  Masbate and former NAPOCOR Vice President for Legal. The  distinctive  mark he leaves in his previous government chores is  that  of being development-oriented, innovative and rationally-aggressive.

Sison, on the other hand,  is the epitome of  the ultimate honest and dedicated  leader, with  that enviable sense of patriotism – indeed, a very, very rare specimen of a government manager these days.  He is the type who will stop at nothing in the pursuit of   honesty and responsibility in the discharge of any public functions he may be  assigned to, and ever willing to  risk his fortune and even his life   in the pursuit thereof.  (To be continued)

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