PNCC: Rising GOCC Phoenix -2

WITH only a few days from Pres. Aquino’s first SONA,  PNCC, together with the Philippine Charity Sweepstakes Office, will surely be cited by the President again  as role model in spearheading government’s  philosophy of austerity.

What an accomplishment, indeed, to think that it is one of ONLY two (2) government agencies –  among the so many  – singled out by the President.

For people very much abreast of PNCC’s rather thorny odyssey,  its PNoy-acknowledged feat cannot be less than awesome.

This accomplishment is sweet, if much-deserved,  vindication  of  Luis  Sison’s arduous legal struggle to extricate PNCC from decades-long bondage to a huge corporate indebtedness  that  has never been of its own making, in the first place.

He is the superhero here, no doubt. This misfortune has forced PNCC into involuntary limbo for a long while, in the process  impairing  its huge income potential over the same period, to the prejudice of that entity – and, certainly, the  Government that  owns it.

PNCC’s tragic story is encapsuled in the consolidated cases of Strategic Alliance Development Corporation vs. Radstock Securities Limited and PNCC (G.R. No. 178158) and  Luis Sison vs. PNCC and Radstock Securities Limited  (G.R. No. 180428) decided by the Supreme Court on December 4, 2009.

With a view to attract neglected focus by national leadership on this actually still very much-beleaguered agency, this space shall serialize what it shall call “THE PNCC CAPER”, from FACTS derived from the mentioned cases and subsequent, if equally ‘shocking’ developments.

The public, the Senate Blue Ribbon Committee and the Office of the Ombudsman deserve to know.

The Senate Blue Ribbon Committee and/or the Office of the Ombudsman, thru its perfunctory/motu prioprio authority, should, in fact, conduct a fact-finding investigation of this incident at the PNCC and see if court action/s is/are still feasible despite the passage of time (that could constitute the defense of prescription).

After all, haling to court of GMA-era government scalawags is part of the continuing ‘Tuwid Na Landas’ crusade of the President. (To be continued)

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