The Balgans: Leading by example

NO LESS than Quezon City Mayor Bistek Bautista is giving a pat on the back to a long-established private institution in the city that is Colegio de San Lorenzo conveniently lo-cated in Congressional Avenue.

Sacrificing a sure huge profit, its owners, Cirilo Lloyd Balgan and better-half Macabebe, Pampanga Mayor Annette Flores-Balgan, opt to provide a college educational program that offers the lowest possible payment scheme for tuition and other matriculation fees for students from poor families.

According to Mayor Bautista, the Balgans were the very first to respond to the call of the city government to give more deserving students from less-privileged families a chance to avail of an affordable and quality tertiary education from private and well-known schools like CDSL.

Under Colegio’s program, a new student can enroll in any degree program of his/her choice for a sum of only P15,800 if payment shall be made on cash basis as it only charges P660 per unit. The payment scheme is probably the lowest offered by any private school.

For installment basis, an initial down payment of some P5,000 is required from CDSL enrollees, says Mr. Balgan who believes that the payment scheme is probably the lowest offered by any private school.

“This is our gesture of giving back to the students from Quezon City, as well as from nearby localities in Metro Manila, the blessings and gains the institution and the Balgan family had achieved in the past 25 years,” Mr. Balgan humbly says.

To date, its owners say the school boasts of simulated hotel rooms and complete baking and kitchen setup for students taking up a degree course in Hotel and Restaurant Management and fully-functioning editing rooms, speech laboratory,  studio,  director’s booth and dark room for Communication.

Offering several degree programs including business administration, tourism management, computer science, psychology and education, CDSL has a campus-wide WiFi access and equipped with air-conditioned classrooms with functioning computers and LCD projectors.

Accessible City Mayor

Only a few of politicians made true with their election campaign promises and who have remained ever accessible after bagging the coveted public office.

To mention one and I know there are many out there, San Jose Del Monte, Bulacan Mayor Rey San Pedro prior to his victory was a man that was omnipresent, well-loved by many because of his sweet promises and vows to be with the people all the time come what may.

But that’s a thing of the past. Just like in a Pinoy-style street lingo: “Nangako na nga, tutuparin pa!”

San Pedro, who used to be in touch as in with just a ring he’s with you right away, has now effectively alienated himself from his constituents and only those close to him would say otherwise as expected.

Just imagine he’s only more than a year at the helm, I pity the city folk. He is a total opposite of SJDM Rep. Arthur Robes who has not reneged on his promises as he keeps himself available in whatever way he can.

He keeps the same cellular phone line even if he gets elected for the second term for he believes this is one magnificent tool to be always in touch with his constituents.

That’s great. Rep. Robes, who marks his fourth year in office with several tangible accomplishments, notably on infrastructure as well as livelihood and sports-related projects, is sure to reap what he sows in the future, SJDM electorate know it.

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