Why did PNoy give up his 3rd hand high speed car?

MOST men including President Benigno Aquino III admire beautiful cars the way men in ancient times loved the horses.

Wanting to own a speedcar, the President sold his old BMW and took a personal loan to buy a Porsche last Christmas.

He said then that he should get a Porsche now while he still had the capability to drive one as his reflexes may not be quick when he exits the presidency in five years from now.

PNoy thought people wouldn’t object that once in a while he can smile in the face of many problems left for him by the past administration to deal with. He said “If driving the car relaxes me, surely it would redound to the country’s benefit when I have to make decision.”

But six months after he bought his 3rd-hand Porsche for P4.5 million, the President has disclosed that he sold it to still unidentified buyer for the same amount he bought it not because  it was a reason for his declining ratings but because it became a security woe for the people guarding him (the members of Presidential Security Group (PSG).

Other than that, President Aquino gave two other reasons why he sold his 2007 Porsche and these are:  media over-exposed it, and  it has become a magnet of criticism.

The President has conceded that bad publicity he got for the Porsche made him more vulnerable and forced him to keep it at the garage where it would deteriorate if it is not used.

Was it easy for the President to part ways with his Porsche? In reply to a reporter’s question, the President said “it is a bit difficult” the President said.

“So it was like an advertisement that hey, I am here. I am most vulnerable here so I just relegated it to the garage and it would deteriorate if it’s not used. So it was like it was time to let somebody experience it also,’’ the President said.

The President expressed the hope that’s the last question on the car that’s no longer in his possession.

Thrilled by danger provided by his high-speed “toy” the President should be congratulated for giving it up so he could comply with his covenant with the people to lead our nation for six years without the risk of car accident.

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