Witness of truth, not witness of State

IF Zaldy Ampatuan thinks he loves his people and has worked for them.  He should think of becoming a true hero.  He should know that all heroes faced death or jail.

He has to endure all the trials of life and politics. He must act like national hero Jose Rizal who braved all the untruths pronounced by a Spanish kangaroo court and faced all the bullets fired at the Bagumbayan.

If he thinks he is innocent when the public and the media believe otherwise, Zaldy does not need to be removed from the list of the accused.

He failed the State Witness Protection test. There is no showing he is the least guilty. There is no showing that his testimonies are indispensable to secure the conviction of all other accused.  There is no showing that his testimonies can be corroborated by other witnesses on all material points.  Additionally, Zaldy has not shown how he can testify for the massacre when he is repeatedly insisting he was not there and that he was in Malacañang.

All he has to do is to stop blocking the reading of the charges against him by withdrawing his petition before the Court of Appeals that seeks to remove him from the list of the accused, help to speed up the trial by removing all the obstacles put up by his lawyers, use his money to protect his own family, rest assured that justice is served on him, and believe that his truth shall set him free.

There is no need to turn him into a state witness if he wants to be honest in his testimonies.

He can be a witness for truth. He does not need to be protected by the State to testify.

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