Work: Answer to fast population growth

THE recent report that Philippines got the 12th spot as the most populous country in the world did not surprise us at all.

We multiply fast because we develop economically at a very, very slow pace.

Our weak economy has made many of us idle and made mating a national pastime.

So our population bloats greatly.

It is about time that we change our old ways of thinking on population growth.

Hong Kong, Singapore, Japan and all developed countries in Western Europe have almost zero population growth for the reason that almost everybody is employed and therefore too busy to reproduce.

Consequently, more people there are dying than being born.

In our country, there are more babies being born in depressed areas where people are out of job than in areas the rich and working classes live.

This proves that the best way to control birth is through economic development that creates works for the unemployed.

It has been our tradition to raise large families of eight or up to 10 members because of our Catholic belief that child is a blessing rather than a curse.

This belief is passed on from generation to generation and no act of Congress or Presidential dictum can change it.

Another thing is that we find it difficult to accept the view of some experts that over-population makes economic progress hard to attain.

China and India, two most populous countries,  proved them wrong.

Their respective economies are booming that enable China to feed her 3.4 billion people and India her more than one billion people also.

Compared to the Philippines, we have only 94 million people and even if we grow to 120 million in a decade, still given a chance to develop a strong economy, we can feed as much people.

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