Anger and intolerance (2)

THE main argument of these religious fanatics against Mideo Cruz’ exhibit is that it is offensive. Some admonished me for defending Cruz (as I was educated in a Catholic school) and even reminded me (sic) that tolerance is different  from profanity.

It is precisely due to the education that I got from the University of Santo Tomas that I am defending Cruz’s right to exhibit his work as I was taught by the only Catholic, Royal and Pontifical University in Asia that religious bigotry has no place in a democratic society and that the modern Christian faith is about hope and charity meaning mercy and tolerance.

I wonder where these self appointed defenders of the faith were while the culture of impunity permeates every aspect of our society.

Where are you when ordinary people are being massacred by the organs of State?

Where are you while the rich and powerful rape our environment and economy?

Where are you when graft and corruption became worse, when vote buying has become the norm and human rights violations are just ordinary occurrences?

These are all very unchristian acts and much worse than the “profane” work of art of Cruz and yet there are no outburst similar to your acting out now?

You are all hypocrites.


My friend Arcy Garcia has this to say about the controversy: “Huwag alisin ang art exhibit sa Cultural Center of the Philippines. Karapatan yan sa malayang pamamahayag. Ako ay Kristiyano at naniniwalang Diyos si Hesus ngunit kahit siya, tingin ko, ay hindi magyayakag na alisin ang art exhibit kahit pa man hindi ito ang usual na turo tungkol sa kanya. Tolerance and forbearance at mas malalim na pakikinig, pati sa mga ibang ideya at pananaw ang katuruan. Malawak, malapad, malalim ang Diyos upang di maisali ang ideya ng art exhibit na ito tungkol sa kanya.

Based on what is taught about God it seems that what is important is we do good things and end our arrogance towards him and others. He does not need to be defended by us for he is his own defense.


A number of people are gloating following reports that Gloria Macapagal Arroyo is ill and she has undergone two life endangering surgeries and is expected to undergo another one soon due to an infection that affected her cervical spine. This is saddening.

To wish her poor health or even be happy because of her sickness is very unchristian. Arroyo no matter what does not deserve the anxiety that doctors said contributed a lot to her condition (for it could prevent her from giving us the answers we need).

I fervently pray that she gets well soon so she can answer all allegations of corruption, vote buying and human rights violations against her. We need to know the truth for that is the only way that justice could be served.

There will never be any closure without truth and justice.

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