Arroyo bashing binge does not look good

THERE’S hollow triumph and empty victory in crushing an ad-versary who can’t put up a decent fight, so wanting for a priest’s performance of extreme unction rites than in top fighting form – that’s what this whole shebang of a holus bolus on the Arroyo couple is starting to look like.

We offer no sympathies for both assailants and assailedlet vendetta and vindictiveness rear ugliness when extant numero uno Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo and consort Jose Miguel Arroyo can give what they’re taking, blow for blow, tit for tat…there’s no pro-wess in giving a kick to a crumbling wall.

Even the Catholic bishops are starting to cry “Foul!” over Malacañang’s callous harangue on the Arroyos.

Thus, erstwhile Dagupan Archbishop Oscar Cruz and Ca-loocan Bishop Deogracias Iñiguez are urging Benigno Aquino 3rd to stay the cruelty, take a pause in dragging the Arroyo couple into the gauntlet of probes that could cost them their lives…they’re both down.

No, we still want the truth out; we want dirty linen to hang like Judas Iscariot on a rope, like the colors on a flagpole.

But we want a live hanging – even if it takes nanotechnology to get those titanium implants done right…so un-Christian to maul ‘em when they’re wracked with wave after wave of body pain…ni hindi makahirit kahit Manny Pacquiao para mag-alok ng Alaxan…

Between you and me, I’ll leave the blame game to the wicked, to the weak of will and weaker minds…as the road to hell is paved with good intentions, must so-called daang matuwid be so slathered with what pundits call ‘Salonpas strategy’?

As Salonpas is tacked onto aching body portions for some relief, the blame game on the past administration is plied in full – ah, such tack brings relief to the aches and pains wracking a sophomoric attempt at statecraft by Aquino and his ragtag Malacañang crew.

Sipatin natin: Unang araw pa lamang ng pamumunong Aquino, sandamakmak agad ang kapalpakan nito.

Executive Order No. 1 that trotted out ‘Truth Commission’ which the Supreme Court promptly swept under the dustbin; ah, the August 2010 Luneta hostage-taking was a spectacle of ineptitude and TV live coverage treated both local and global audiences to a show how amateurish the President’s men are in crisis management.

And what about those ‘missing’ container vans, nearly 2,000 of them that slipped past the Bureau of Customs and disappeared into thin air? Tip of the iceberg…

Nah, I’d rather not point up how rotten the GMA tenure was so as not to point out how rotten too the Aquino administration is turning out to be…

What difference does that make, huh?

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