Bistek and Joy rivalry

THERE’S this idle speculation about Quezon City Mayor Bistek Bautista and Vice Mayor Joy Belmonte who are said to be no longer seeing eye-to-eye nowadays.

If this persistent report would be true, it’ll do nothing good for the city’s interest.

Too early, too bad.

Such nasty rumor was said to have started during the signing of a memorandum of agreement, of which I am not particular about, at the City Hall complex few months ago.

Some employees, who appear to be familiar with the two top QC officials, claim the vice mayor went on with the MOA signing without the mayor who’s supposed to be part of the event.

Well, they said, the daughter of ex-mayor and now House Speaker Sonny Belmonte may have had valid reason to push through sans Bistek because she and other stakeholders had uncomplai-ningly waited for the city chief executive to come,
in vain.

So the MOA signing took place and the mayor was making his blood boil, according to some City Hall insiders who claim to have overheard the incensed mayor saying why it was did to him by the daughter while when he was the Speaker’s vice mayor, he patiently waited for him in every occasion come what may.

Poor Bistek.

And just last week, even some beat reporters were bemused as they noticed Vice Mayor Joy having her own anti-dengue campaign somewhere in Batasan Hills while a separate press briefing was being held simultaneously inside the City Hall.

The mayor was the main speaker but he was a no-show until it ends.

Nonetheless, the mayor’s mouthpiece, Public Affairs and Information Services Office chief Greg Bañacia, refutes it saying Bistek and Joy are “magkumpare.”

” Well, in politics blood is not always thicker than water, they fight for power.”

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