Dapat gwaping at madatung ka para maka-score!

BEWARE suitors. Her primary considerations are money and face before character but do take note that moola and pretty face should be on equal footing.

Guys, if you have the money but you don’t have the face to go with it, forget courting this sexy TV star because you might end up crying just like the owner of a big siomai business,ha,ha,ha!

Clue? Her name is easy to spell because it only consists of two same letters. Start guessing…


WITH the absence of glitz and glam, Cristine Reyes was, without a doubt, giving life to the role of unadorned Agnes de los Santos on her top rater afternoon series “Reputasyon” when we visited her at their location shooting far away from the hustle and bustle of Metro Manila.

It is very interesting to note that ironically, Cristine is hotter when she is clad with plain and simple clothing as compared to her regular two-piece skimpy outfits in sexy magazines and tabloids.

Creative imaginations of every Adonis viewing Cristine at the location shooting at the Church of Archangel in Bulacan were one in saying that they prefer the sexy actress wearing “unexciting” coverings just like Agnes in Reputasyon.

“’Yon din nga ang sabi ng iba, na mas sexy ako kapag nakadamit.

“Kunsabagay, sawa na akong magpa-sexy. Parang ayaw ko na nang ganu’n at mas satisfied ako na mas napapansin ang acting ko kesa sa katawan ko.

“Buti na lang, sa teleserye namin, e, hindi na ako nagsusuot ng mga revealing outfits,” she avers.

But an insider told us that Rayver Cruz, her real life lover, wants her to wear stimulating outfits most of the time.

Hmmm, that is in contrast to Rayver’s ex’s style, we understand!


WHILE browsing on the 25 interesting facts about Gerald Santos that only few people close to him know, we arrived on ideas on how girls (and gays if applicable) should act in order for them to get the attention of the newest endorser of Globe’s superunli Alltext.

Girls should be interested in advertising, should give him Tom Hanks, Cuba Gooding Jr. or Natalie Portman DVD collections, should cook extra delicious kare-kare for him, should not invite him on fine dining, should give him 6 pillows as gift, should hangout at Eastwood or at the actor’s village church, should never take advantage of him.

They should also support Cancer Warriors foundation, should learn how to play NBA hoops and most importantly, if you happen to get his private cell number, you should text him using Globe line because if not, he will not answer back, ha,ha,ha!

Anyway, he is still a certified single, as he is claiming, so for those who are interested to become his prospective girl, there’s no harm in trying!


WE WERE not invited to any of the press conferences of the movie El Presidente but comments and suggestions coming from politicians who have knowledge about the movie aver it’s worth writing for.

“Kung gagastusan lang ang pelikulang El Presidente, puwede itong isali sa mga film festivals abroad dahil Pinoy na Pinoy ang dating,” says a party-list representative.

“This is the kind of movie foreigners want to view, life stories of great and popular local heroes just like the bio movies of famous leaders,” answers the other Congressman.

The movie is about the life story of the controversial first Philippine president, Emilio Aguinaldo and come to think of it, their suggestions have all the merits and value so if given a chance, the producers of this movie should elevate the makings of this picture into an international level.

Kayang-kaya naman ito ni Governor ER Ejercito, kung sakali!


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