Dating rating ng show ni Amy Perez nadamay sa deluvic na show ni Cristy Fermin

IN ALL honesty, Cristinelli Salazar Fermin is comparable to a blight or a pestilence on national television these days.

Perfect example ang naging tragic outcome ng Face-To-Face ni Ms. Amy Perez na magmula nang maging pre-programming ang chakadung showbiz-oriented program na wala ng kakatas-katas at sense of fun na “Juicy,” kung saan may nag-maniobrang matanggal kami out of immense insecurity for we were definitely getting noticed and enjoyed by the multitude, humina na talaga ang dating fabulously rating na show ni Ms. Amy Perez.

Anyway, keber kung out na kami sa deluvic show na ‘yan.

So fucking what? Nagkaroon naman kami ng panibagong career as an entertainment editor na siya naman talagang linya namin.

Out of the blue, we received a call one day from Sir Benny and the rest is now history.


Anyway, it’s hard to accept the truth but it’s inordinately clear that Ferminata with her deplorable Tagalog (that’s antiquated and a thing of the past already and the butt of jokes of so many intellectuals…Hakhakhak!) is anathema to the perceptive and sensitive viewers of the old Juicy that was unmistakably enjoying the wacky and zany repartee among the old hosts and co-hosts of the show.

Mantakin mong ang tagal-tagal na riyan ng nganga queen na ‘yan with matching urung na urong na dentures (how outrageously funny!

Hakhakhak!) and so laking tiyanetch (so laking tiyanetch daw, o! Hakhakhak!) and yet she’s ostensibly being avoided like the plague by most televiewers. Hakhakhak!

Just to prove this point, look at what happened to Ms. Amy Perez’s Face-to-Face.

It was a real top-rater before Ferminata with her hackneyed Tagalog and antiquated way of phrasing things came into the picture.


But look at it now. Harharhar!

Magmula nang gawing pre-programming ng show ni Ms. Amy ang walang kabuhay-buhay na showbiz-oriented talk show ni Lola Cristy, parang dinapurak ng sandamakmak na bad karma ang show hanggang sa eventually ay layuan na ito ng mga sponsors na di ma-take ang mga kabaduyang pinaggagagawa ng orig na orocan lola ng telebisyon. Hakhakhakhakhak!

Vey, very TRUE!

Kung dati’y amused na nakatutok ang sanlibutan sa show namin dahil pansumandali ay nakalilimutan nila ang kanilang mga problema, this time the show of Ferminata has become their problem. Hakhakhak!

For who, in his sane mind, wold have the bravura to watch a show that’s teeming with kabaduyan and off humor that only the hosts find exceeding amusing? Hakhakhak!

Ang cheap.

Imagine, why would you watch a show that’s being anchored by a cheap obese (Yuck! Hakhakhak!) matrona who’s having a hard time in pronouncing some words because of her ill-fitting dentures? Hahahahahahahaha!

How abominably gross! Hahahahahahaha!

Ayaw kasing maniwala ang iba riyan na matagal nang natapos ang era ni Lola Cristy sa telebisyon dahil this is now the new millennium and not the 80s (Fermin’s ostensible era..Hahahahahaha!) any longer. Bwahahahahaha!

Anyway, our heart goes out for Ms. Amy who’s a pitiful victim of Lola Cristy’s curse…Hahahahaha!

Subukang alisin diyan ang deluvic show ng mukhang ngangaerang ‘yan and see how positive aura and good karma would once again come back with a vengeance.

Like I said many times over, Lola Crispy’s 1950s approach to hosting has long seen better days, the new breed of televiewers can no longer appreciate, much more tolerate, her kind of kabaduyan that is no longer applicable to the now generation.

Iba na ang mga tao sa ngayon. Kahit nga mga tsimiaa ay Inglisera na, why should they appreciate Lola Cristy’s nauseating hosting style? Hahahahahahaha!

Oh, my God! Wala nang magkakagusto sa mga mala-lola Basyang na bukeke ng lola n’yo na matagal nang nawala sa uso. Hakhakhak!

Tingnan na lang kung gaano tinutukan ng sanlibutan ang showbiz-oriented program namin before sa UNTV gayung maliit na istasyon lang ito at malabo pa ang signal.

Pero dahil sa wacky at interesante ang approach namin doon, it came to a point that it became a byword in the business.

Ask the people of UNTV and they would tell you how feverish the audiences’ reception to the show was considering the fact that there were no superstars in the show but only Peter Ledesma and I and the rest of the gang that includes Natasha Ledesma, Ian Valdez, and Benny Andaya.

Don’t ask me anymore why the show got axed after lording it out for four solid years.

Siguro, some things are better left unsaid. But one thing I’m positively sure of is the fact that the show has become an icon in itself.

Karamihan sa mga showbiz-oriented talk shows sa ngayon ay doon more or less nai-patterned and that is the unspoken truth.

Magsalita ka Ferminata, hindi ba’t ang format ng Juicy ay ginaya rin doon?

Magsinungaling ka at tutubuan ka ng mga kurikong sa mga pata mong tadtad ng peklat. Hakhakhak!

Ayooookoooooooo! Hahahahahaha!

And speaking of Juicy, Peter, Abe and I were drinking our favorite orange juice in one of the cozy food outlets in Greenhills the other night when this fabulously classy woman who was seated beside us commented in a somewhat excited tone that she used to watch Juicy when I was still a part of the show.

It was only when Lola Nganga took over that she stopped watching it altogether for it has ceased to be fun and enjoyable. Hakhakhak!

Imagie, ang tagal-tagal ko ng nawala sa show na ‘yun but this classy dame still remembers the old Juicy with ostensible fondness.

Hakhakhak! Nakahihiya! Reyna raw ng Intrega, I mean, intriga pala, pero wah nang arrive sa mga utawzing. Hakhakhak!

Magnganga ka na lang kasi roon sa Mga Obra ni Tsaka at baka hangaan ka pa ng mga kakosa mong lehitimong Tagalista ring tulad mo.

Aaaaayyyyooookkkkkooooooooooooo! Hahahahahahaha!

Period. Ayoko ng baduy na’y tsaka pa. Hahahaha! Nga pala, you need a good nose-job lola, along with a thorough liposuction.

Now nah! Hahahahaha!

Shifting to other equally interesting topics, nabulatlat ko ang isang emailed material sa akin a year or two ago on Cristinelli Salazar Fermin by a certain Jobert S. Plumagay and I guffawed so much, I practically ran out of breath. Hakhakhak!

Taon lang kasi ang nagbago but the ignominious AC/DC style has practically remained constant.

Read on: ‘Who, the hell, is Cristy Fermin? She may be famous among entertainment writers at this time but in the real world, she is a plague. She became known not for writing skills or her remarkable coverage but for being a notorious swindler, extortionist, and the greatest liar.

‘Fermin uses her radio program and columns in various tabloids to personal gains.

‘Her radio program is milking politicians, businessmen, and entertainment people.

‘Most of the times, they do not discuss issues in the movie industry but do the roll call of their sponsors like Bodega Ng Bayan, among many others.’

Anyway, ‘yung iba pang nakasulat ay alam naming totoo pero di na namin ipi-print alang-alang sa sining. Hahahahahaha!

Baka tumalon na kasi sa Ilog Pasig ang plastikadang matriarch kuno ng Mga Obra ni Tsaka. Hahahaahahaha!

Basta ako, I have no hideous secrets in my closet and I’m no liar.

Ang matandang ito ang pretensyosa gayung super bulok naman ang pagkatao.

Kaya ikaw Mr. Perci Intalan ay dinapurak ng bad karma nang kunin mo ‘yan.

Don’t you notice how your once burgeoning network is now relegated to the depths of kaokrayan?

Hahahahahahahaha! Mataray nga siguro akong magsulat but if there’s one thing with me, I’m honest and hardworking and is not hiding any unsavory secrets in my closet.

‘Yun lang!

Ang gumawa ng kwento tungkol sa aking malinis na pagkatao, Bubonic, ay dadapurakin ng sandamakmak na bad karma.

Hahahahahahaha! Ayoko ng masama na ang pag-ugali ay super tsaka pa. Hakhakhak!

Kunsabagay, salamin daw ng ating pagkatao ang ating mukha. Hahahahahahaha!



Engaging interview sina Eugene D at Direk Joey

NOONG una’y nakikiramdam muna ang working press na na-invite sa mini-presscon na ‘yun for Ms. Eugene Domingo and Direk Joey Reyes in connection with the movie “Wedding Tayo, Wedding Hindi” under Star Cinema, but as time went by and Ms. Eugene and Direk Joey have considerably loosened up and started telling stories in a laidback mannner about the movie and the actors they have come in close contact with while the filming of the movie was in progress, it has become a most relaxing and interesting tete-a-tete for all the press present.

Sang-ayon kay Direk Joey, wala na silang ilang-factor ni Eugene D in the sense na,  “She’s practically present in my entire career.

Magkatinginan lang kami, nagkakaintindihan na.”

Pero with Zanjoe, aminado siyang may konting ilang factor siya at first in the sense na, up to now, nasa kanyang possession pa rin daw ang cover nito sa isang glossy mag kung saan he was photographed veritably in the raw.


Gusto nga raw sana niyang magpa-autograph dito. Hahahahaha!

Anyhow, ang ikinahanga raw niya sa morenong aktor ay ang pagiging cool at open nito in answering even the most intimate of question. Kahit personal na in nature ay call pa rin daw ito.

Medyo nagkaroon lang daw ng konting ilang factor kay Zanjoe at first dahil akala niya’y medyo suplado ito. “Pambihira siya,” he openly raves. “Napakabait na tao.”

One thing na ikinahahanga raw niya rito ay ang pagiging natural comic nito na naipakita niya for quite sometime sa sitcom na “Banana Split.”

“Actually, madali ang magpaiyak ng mga tao,” Direk Joey avers, “pero ang magpatawa, mahirap ‘yun.

“Si Zanjoe, he’s a natural comic. But what sets him apart from other comedians is the fact na matalino si Zanjoe. Magaling siyang komedyante na di mukhang bugoy.”

Si Wendell (Ramos) naman daw, tinawagan talaga siya nito sa telepono para personal na pasalamatan sa pagkakasali nito sa movie.

“Ang di niya alam, siya talaga ang choice para sa role na asawa ni Eugene dahil hasang-hasa na rin siya sa comedy,” he avers.

Anyway, ang pinagkaiba siguro ng Wedding Tayo, Wedding Hindi ni Direk Joey ay ang katotohanang matino ang direktor nito kaya kahit light ang treatment ng pelikula ay di pa rin cheap tulad ng ibang direktor riyan.

“In my case,” he points out banteringly, “I make a living about my fantasy.

“I love writing about love,” he musingly states. “What you don’t experience, you fantasize.”

Very, very TRUE!

Palabas na nga pala ang obrang ito ni Direk Joey on August 31 in 100 cinemas all over the country.


Dapat nang matauhan si Ate

MABAIT naman ang young actress na ‘to, Bubonika, ang naging pagkakamali lang niya ay umibig siya sa maling lalaki.

At this point, this young and intelligent woman should come to terms with the sad reality that she has fallen for the wrong guy.

Naku, hija, sa ganda mong ‘yan, the world is at the tip of your fingers and all you need to do is wake-up from the nightmare that you’re presently into and realize that a lot of good-looking young men are dying to have you as a mate.

I’m not going to go into the lurid details anymore. I guess you just have to open your eyes and realize the salient point I’m hinting at.

He’s not meant for you, darling. You deserve someone infinitely better.


JC Regino maligaya sa positive developments sa kanyang singing career

HE’S NOT one bit in a hurry for he knows that the grandeur that was Rome was not built in a day’s time.

It takes truckloads of patience for one to be able to have a stable showbiz career and JC’s working at it now.

“Mahirap, kuya, ang pilitin mo ang isang bagay na di pa nararapat” he musingly states.

“Basta para sa akin, I’m so happy that I’m able to realize my dream of a lifetime.

“Kumbaga, I’m here na kaya pagbutihin ko na lang kumbaga.”

His one big dream is to have a solo concert next year in one of the good venues at the metropolis.

“Music Museum would be fine for me” he avers, “dahil di pa naman tayo maituturing na hot property nang talaga, the way dad was before.

“But I’m deadset to realize my goal and I have this feeling that I”m going to do just that.”

Dapat lang!

Bongga nga pala ang response sa album nilang mag-ama kung saan ang single on promo ay ang sariling composition niyang Ang Buhay Ko’y Para Sa’Yo.


Send in those sizzling stories that you know about our fave showbiz personalities at and #09994269588, #09276557791 and #09223870129 and read them here.

And with that, ito po ang kuya Pete ninyo na nagsasabing, Christopher, my son, I love you very, very much, my love for you goes beyond eternity.

Adios. Mabalos. I always need you, Nong!

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