Fooling the people (2)

FOR the record, I don’t believe the Arroyo couple would flee from the country.

They will bravely face the allegations arrayed against them…wouldn’t they?

They surely won’t do anything that would prove correctly the sooth sayers’ prediction that they are already set to fly to a country without an extradition treaty with the Philippines like Portugal.

I firmly believe they will not avoid the senate investigation nor ask the government for permission to leave the country as they have no intention to use their reported medical condition as an excuse to do so (Mike and Gloria Arroyo were recently placed by the justice department on watch list requiring them to seek permission from the government before they could travel abroad).

They surely believe that our doctors could handle whatever medical condition you have here.

They are tough and I know they can prove that again and again.


I am wondering why the government has not yet issued any counter proposal to the Moro Islamic Liberation Front’s call for the creation of a “sub-state” in Mindanao, whatever that maybe.

Could it be that the government already abdicated its sovereign task of keeping the republic intact for the sake of “peace” and is already all set to accept whatever proposal the MILF throws at the negotiating table?

Don’t get me wrong, I have nothing against peace in Mindanao or elsewhere, but the silence of the government on this matter is very suspicious to me.

According to the MILF the Muslim sub-state would exercise all government functions, except those of national defense, foreign affairs, current and postal services – the conventional elements of a state.

What we have here is a very unconventional proposal and it is not impossible that once the MILF consolidated its position on the ground it would secede from the republic.

This possible faith accomplish is not paranoia but a possibility that could happen and when it does it would be bloodier for us than it is now to undo it and we only have ourselves to blame for being duped.

We have no models to follow in establishing a sub-state hence the inherent danger in making this a talking point for the end of secessionist movement in the south.

We already have the Autonomous Region in Muslim Mindanao as a model.

Admittedly, the ARMM is not yet a perfect system but it is already showing signs that it could work. Why not just work on it?


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