Gatdula wants mega data booked

EVEN a news correspondent I’ve asked to check out the simmering P76 million yearly deal for National Bureau of Investigation clearance processing, the bloke just won’t nuzzle into the matter.

NBI clearance has taken these days a snail-paced turn, so we’re told and bureau director Magtanggol Gatdula wants the book thrown at erstwhile clearance processor Mega Data.

Apparently, Mega Data plied a take-it-or-leave-it gambit for the NBI to extend their contract—a working arrangement for another six months, July to December this year. NBI declined.

Let’s see, two of my kids are computer systems wizards—one is grizzled software engineer who has his own outfit, bangs out software, drills software users on how to make business operations surge like cogent urgency of a Bruce Springsteen number…

Clearance processing would be a piece of cake for that kid… uh, for a princely figure like P76 million a year, he’d cobble pronto a team of geeks to get the job tuned up, turned out, tidied pat.

Build. Operate. Transfer—why get stuck on a client when you’ve got a stack of clients on a queue?

Then again, techno-morons like us barely have inkling on what it takes to trot out software for ma naging digitized database, algo-rithms and such for belching out NBI clearances, uh, last time I checked, I had several cases pen-ding…found out a stack of sub-zero San Miguel Pale Pilsen.

And that beer punch-line, “Iba ang may pinagsamahan” would be a reminder to both Gatdula and Mega Data top honcho Rafael M. Garcia that the business partnership with NBI has stretched for 32 years, quite a long time…

And the geeks haven’t passed on a whit of competence to the bureau, maybe, technology trans-fer…it had to take a Jose C. De Venecia to craft the law, Republic Act 7718 mandating such transition—build-operate-transfer.

The extant NBI service provi-der had been remiss on that—and that could get them into serious legal trouble.

Mega Data left NBI in the lurch, so we were told, despite Gatdula’s pleas for a smooth transition of clearance processing operations, for the weal of hundreds of thousands of NBI clearance-seekers yearly.

NBI insiders have it that Mega Data wouldn’t hear of it and simply wants another negotiated contract to extend its hold on clearance processing.

32 years is quite a time to build goodwill, maybe, to nurture a sense of responsibility and duty… and a yearly stream of P76 million is a lot of money.

Gatdula is reining his anger but there will be a reckoning.

As Craig David would have it worded in a song, “You don’t miss your water till the well runs dry.”

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