Lani Mercado at Andrea Bautista-Ynares beyond being housewives

CONGRESSWOMAN Lani Mercado and her sister-in law Andrea Bautista-Ynares, the First Lady of Gov. Jun Ynares of Rizal province, are the most  recent celebrities to join the roster of endorsers in their own right in the book of Evelyn Alvaran Cruz, the country’s leading female makeover guru and publisher of the longest running upscale Hair Asia Magazine that spans with a life shelf for over three  decades now.

A blast from the past yet, Madame Evelyn  had gathered together big-named stars to her series of national and international Hair Asia  events in the country like Sharon Cuneta, Lorna Tolentino, Zsa Zsa Padilla, Ruffa Gutierrez, Marian Rivera, Charlene Gonzalez, Dina Bonnevie, Piolo Pascual,  Gretchen Barretto among others.

A blast from a remoter past yet is my own trivia(l) account of Andrea Bautista aka Andeng when she was but a bubbly pre-pubescent beauty  tagged along by her mom the former Azucena Mortel to visit Disneyland in Los Angeles, California together with the beauteous Rowena Bautista (yes, Sen. Bong Revilla’s sister now the family’s executive producer of  their film outfit) who was escorted by and in the romantic company yet with LA-based John Nite who has not “outed” himself yet then as gay man and yes, don’t look now courting Rowena like a real hunk.

I was goaded in the company of  the Bautista’s press agent Portia Ilagan to join them in this fun itinerary of ours (one of the perks you get if you are lucky enough to join a junket such as this one ) escaping a luncheon meeting with LA-based and former movie writer Philip Garcia who was to enroll me in an acting workshop at Lee Strasberg studio which I pursued at a later time.

Andeng’s Mom Azucena has since passed away in peaceful repose and I have yet to reconnect this past trivia to Andeng who is now Mrs. Ynares hoping she would call to mind. As for Cong. Lani Mercado, she still knows me by name basis even if she’s up there at Batasan. No memory gap for this queenly, regal legislator.

So from past trivia to the present life-giving if not livelihood initiative of Evelyn Alvaran’s Hair Asia  billed “Individuality Voltage” which is actually a competition and a hair show workshop which features a compendium “ Matrix Got Talent,” Cong. Lani and First Lady Gov. Andrea not only will grace the event but are themselves the host to the training component in which their constituents are to be given training to become highly sustainable hair and makeover artists and/or proprietors of beauty salon even.

Cong. Lani Mercado’s event is on Sept. 5 at the Covered Court, Imus Plaza, Imus, Cavite and Andrea Bautista Ynares’s event is on Sept. 12, at Ynares Center, Anti- polo City, Rizal.  Other events will be held on Aug. 31, Trace College, Los Banos, Laguna, and Sept. 6, Nicanor Guillermo Convention Center, Marilao, Bulacan. Follow this activity at Facebook or call 09183725555.

Indeed, Cong. Lani and Andeng as First Lady to Gov. Jun Ynares are making a difference in motivating their constituents to learn the art of hair and makeup to become gainful entrepreneurs themselves. We hope Gov. Vilma Santos, Mayor Maita Ejercito, etc. will follow suit.

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