Maggie Trinidad claims she is ‘Asia’s Diva’ not Dulce

SA NGAYON tatlong diva-divahang mang-aawit ang nagki-claim bilang “Asia’s Diva.” Kalowkha! Original of course si Dulce sa titulong ito. Pangalawang nagki-claim ay si Faith Cuneta dahil singer siya ng mga Asian telenovela, di ba naman?

Don’t look now ang pangatlo ay si Maggie Trinidad whose album “Back Home” was recently launched and is being reviewed for the coming PMPC Star Awards for Music. Ano ang “k” ni Maggie Trinidad na maging isang Asia’s Diva rin?

“I’ve been away from the country for over 15 years as overseas performing artist in Japan, Korea, Singapore, Thailand and Malaysia as solo performer and with various Filipino and foreign groups as well,” Maggie’s curt reply.

Maggie  says she was born into a musical family from the side of Bacolod City and was a defending champion for three consecutive weeks on IBC 13’s “Pasikatan Sa Trese” hosted by Imelda Papin.

Maggie Trinidad is slated for an intimate concert on August 26, 8:00 p.m. at the famous watering hole of musicians called  Bar One owned by Andy Chan at No. 12 Ming Ramos St. (along the famous Marikina City’s River Park, Sta. Elena).

Special guest include singer and movie actor Zyruz Imperial, lead actor of the film “Seksing Masahista” opposite Mocha Uson with First Lane Band, Henry Samaniego and IPM Dance Icon. Contact Jonathan Trinidad at 0921-3159421 for details.

So sino nga kaya sa kanilang tatlo nila Dulce, Faith at Maggie ang may karapatang maging Asia’s Diva?

Sabi pa ni Dulce, “Ibigay na lang natin ‘yan sa ibang may gusto pang maging Asia’s Diva, basta kanta nang kanta na lang tayo for the glory of the Lord.”

May concert pala si Dulce sa Music Museum with Pilita Corrales and Jed Madela billed “La Dulce Diva” directed by Kokoy Jimenez with Mel Villena as musical director on Aug. 27 and produced by Jo Arboleda.

To dispel the intrigues about the intriguing entitlements the peace-loving and orig Asia’s Diva Dulce concludes, “A rose by any name is still a rose.” Naman. Or put the other way around, “ a song by any name is still a song basta masarap lang pakinggan.” Naman.

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