Marianita L. hanap daw ay peace of mind?

NAKATATAWA naman si Marianita L., ang babaing naaaning-aning na yata. Hakhakhak!

Imagine, she keeps on harping about supposedly wanting to have peace of mind when the truth is she tends to scare most of the women who gets in the way of her controversial relationship with hunk Dingdong Dantes.

Sobra talaga ang insecurity ng babaing ito kaya demonic ang arrive niya sa mga babaing, innocently, ay nagkakaroon ng involvement, no matter how platonic it may be, kay Dingdong.

Anyway, nag-suffer nang husto ang ratings ng kanyang soap na “Mamaya Na” (kapag ang soap daw kasi ng nagkakaedad ng aktres-aktresan ang palabas, in unison ay ‘Mamaya na!’ ang chant ng mga otawzing… Hakhakhak!) nang lumabas in print ang pang-aaway ng babaing mukhang afflicted with dementia. Hakhakhak!

Carry n’yo ‘yun?

At any rate, inagahan na ang airing nito dahil it’s repeatedly being clobbered up at the ratings by it’s fierce competitor, ABS-CBN’s “Guns & Roses” that features the formidable triumvirate of Robin Padilla, Bea Alonzo and Diether Ocampo. Hakhakhak!

Pa’no naman, tita na lang ni Ms. Bea ang itzu ni Marianita L. Hahahahaha!

How could you compete nga naman with a twenty-year old actress when you’re already 36 years old? Hakhakhak!

Poor matrona, she’s supposedly after peace of mind but she’s doing the exact oppo- site of what she’s harping about. Hahahahahaha!

Kunsabagay, Bubonika, I do understand. Mahirap nang maghanap ng paparu when you’re almost forty. Hakhakhak!


The next Judy Ann & Claudine

NANG tanungin ng working press si Direk Jerry Sineneng sa presscon ng obra niyang “Way Back Home” last Thursday eve kung kanino maipa-pattern ang showbiz career ng mga bida sa kanyang pelikula, nasabi niyang si Kathryn Bernardo ay malaki ang possibility na maging heir apparent sa throne ni Ms. Judy Ann Santos, while Julia Montes has all the makings of a young Claudine Barretto.

Perfect nga naman, di ba?

Kahit na medyo villainess ang mga roles na natotoka kay Julia dahil sa kanyang sharp mestiza features, naniniwala si Direk na leading-lady material din ang babaing laki sa Tundo.

Oo nga naman.

Parang pang-Nora Aunor roles ang nababagay kay Kathryn at pang-Vilma Santos naman ang arrive ni Julia.

Suffice to say, may kilig factor ang tambalan nina Kathryn at ng tisoy na si Enrique Gil.

Perfect foil talaga sa appealing tisoy features ni Enrique ang morena beauty ni Kathryn.   Di ba naman?

Si Julia naman, swak na swak sa mysterious personality ni Sam Concepcon.

Don’t you guys think so?

‘Yun na!

Anyway, four years old lang si Jessica (Julia) when her younger sis Joanna (Kathryn) got lost in a crowded beach.

Kung papano silang nag-meet muli ay siyang crux ng kwento na dapat n’yong panoorin.

Showing na nga pala ito on August 17 in cinemas near you.

Ang mahusay na singer-actress na si Ms. Agot Isidro, incidentally, ang gaganap bilang ina nilang si Amelia.


How long will this rainfall offers last?

SHE is not getting any younger at the ripe old age of 57.

But this once sensational actress seems not to be aware about how time has elapsed and passed her by. In her befuddled mind, her avid followers will always be around to support her no matter what happens, come hell or high water. For she truly believes with the naivete of a child that her dyed-in-the-wool supporters will always rally behind her to make things habitable and bearable and a lot easier for her.

Looking back, in one of her shows in the US, the attendance was allegedly uninspired and lackluster, the turnout was a far cry from the usual avalanche of screaming and overly enthusiastic throng of fans who would come in droves just to see her and watch her perform.

But the legendary singer/actress seemed not to be aware of it all. In her mind, she was still the hottest actress Tinsel town has ever produced and the most colorful at that.

Suffice to say, there is no doubt that she is a living phenomenon. A once in a lifetime magical occurrence that will no longer be equaled or duplicated. A rarity but definitely, in terms of prodigious following and infinitely awesome audience impact and bountiful charisma.

But aging is such a bitch. She may look admittedly good for her age but her body is already showing some telltale signs of aging that are too flagrantly obvious to have them ignored.

At any rate, now that she has money, I guess a discreet tummy tuck is what she badly needs.

Anyway, she is extremely lucky to be given another crack at stardom.

But the illusory actress seems not to be aware of it all and is just nonchalantly going along these days with the dizzying roller coaster ride of her new found popularity.

Inasmuch as the Philippines is admittedly her home, she has come to embrace life in the US where she can afford to live her life simply and freely and devoid of the accompanying complications that stardom brings.

Suffice to say, plethora of projects are now coming her way and she’s naturally overwhelmed with the love and affection that she is presently being showered with.

But how long will this rainfall of offers last?

I vividly remember the late Ms. Rita Gomez saying those lines when I interviewed her at her fast decaying residence in Kyusi way back during the late 80s when she was lured to stage a comeback by way of the Seiko movie Bomba Star that was starred in no less than by the then bombastic Sarsi Emmanuelle who is now once again back to obscurity.

How sad!

Anyway, in an interview in the US, the living phenomenon intimated that she was allegedly a practical person. If she would wake-up one day supposedly devoid of the accoutrements of stardom, it’s not of grave importance.

After all, poverty is something she had supposedly grown up with and is something that she is never afraid to go back to.

Feisty words indeed coming from a woman who’s indubitably been able to experience it all.

Whatever, I just hope that she would give her sons and daughter the time that they hankered for, along with the ‘blessings’ that she’s been prodigiously inundated with lately.


Over-powering ang machismo pero…

AMUSED kami kapag napanonood namin ang music video ng isang sikat na network kung saan featured ang kanilang mga super-hot talents. Hahahahaha!

Pa’no kasi, sa dinami-rami ng mga hunks sa nasabing network, lampaso talaga sila ng morenong hunk na to na talaga namang super gwaping na nga, extremely telegenic pa.


Ang kaso, iba ang trip ni Kuya at sa Tate ay may dinadalaw raw ito on a regular basis na isang Hispanic guy who is eye-catching handsome, too. Hakhakhak!

Ang sabi nga niyan, fall in love at your own risk.

At your own risk daw, o! Hakhakhak!


Nyoy Volante ayaw nang pag-usapan si Nina

NAKATATAWA itong si Nyoy Volante nang ma-interview namin in connection with the musical “In The Heights” that he’s slated to do for Atlantis Productions.

Nang tanungin namin tungkol sa latest development ng samahan nila ni Nina, ang Soul Siren na nakatampuhan niya many months back, ito ang talkies niya.

“So far,” he answers quite evasively, “we’re okay naman but it hasn’t come to a point when we would talk just like old times.

“Basta all I can say is she’s okay naman and she does what she does best – singing.”

Anyway, super excited si Nyoy dahil ang ganda ng role niya sa In the Heights.

His fans who got used to his folk and country and sometimes jazzy way of singing will surely have the greatest surprise of their lives the very moment they get to see him do his thing in this stage musical.

For the very first time, Nyoy is going to rap and boy! isn’t he amazing?

‘Yun na!

Mapanonood nga pala ang nasabing musical sa RCBC Plaza’s Carlos P. Romulo theatre  from September 3-18.

It also stars Ms. Jackie Lou Blanco, Kevin Millado and the beautiful K-La.


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And with that, ito po ang kuya Pete ninyo na nagsasabing, Christopher, my son, I love you very, very much, my love for you goes beyond eternity.

Adios. Mabalos. I always need you, Nong!

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