Mega data probe results ought to be out

BUMPED into Jimmy Perez at the Ihaw Balot Plaza where I was having a drink too merry… with the usual sashimi – and let me make this clear, sashimi’s not the name of the yummy I had that night.

I had to pry him for details into the broiling imbroglio over an apparent slowdown in the National Bureau of Investigation clearance processing.

It turned out that he has yet to make a reentry at NBI – but the top honchos are telling him to wait it out, he’ll be taken in soonest…

As our NBI sources have it, Director Magtanggol Gatdula called the bluff of information technology service provider Mega Data that has been the agency’s IT backstop for 32 years. Mega Data was finagling for another extension of its service contract, plied out a take-it-or-leave-it bluff that they can scoot out of NBI in a huff…leave everything including the computerized NBI clearance system hanging… if their contract isn’t extended. That sure sounds like blackmail.

Gatdula opted to shoo Mega Data out.

Even at the last minute, the IT outfit didn’t honor their part of the bargain—the NBI clearance system ought to have been on a build-operate-transfer (BOT) mode. The computerized clearance system bled taxpayers like you and me some P76 million yearly. But Mega Data wouldn’t want to part with its system, even its software.

There was no recourse but to hale Mega Data into the gauntlet of an investigation. Too, Justice Sec.  Leila de Lima had orders for the DOJ legal department to look into Mega Data’s violations in its contract with NBI, the BOT violation included. Sources have it Commission on Audit has done its look-see into the IT outfit’s books and are about to recommend for Mega Data to return the bulk of its millions generated from a rather shady NBI clearance card project in 2004.

See, NBI clearance seekers… COA points to millions of pesos bled off NBI clearance applicants through that dubious project.

I’m keeping my fingers crossed for my beer and shoot buddy Jimmy Perez to get back to his NBI post pronto…he’ll surely provide the inside information on what the IT imbroglio has caused us, taxpayers.

And we’re waiting with bated breath the results of the COA and DOJ probe into Mega Data schemes…Paging DOJ Sec. De Lima and NBI Dir. Gatdula.

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