Multiple sanctions vs Dutertes

THESE Dutertes from Davao City deserve to be chastised in accordance with the existing laws. They shouldn’t go unpunished because they’re not sacred cows. What they did was unbecoming of an elective official like them whose “bosses” are their immediate constituents.

Commendable as it was, the Sheriffs’ Confederation of the Philippines (Scophil) just did the right thing, though there’s no single nod of encouragement from the direct victim court sheriff Abe Andres whose obvious silence was understandable since he knows he’s no match over the clout and power being wielded by the Dutertes, when it pursues legal sanctions against Davao City Mayor Sara Duterte-Carpio, her father and Vice  Mayor Rodrigo Duterte and brother-Councilor Paolo Duterte.

She could have gotten praises from few sectors for punching Andres last July 1 after losing her cool when the latter refused to heed her request to defer the demolition of shanties for at least two hours so that she could oversee the operation but it’s certainly unacceptable especially when the attacker is supposed to demonstrate virtues and good examples to her people.

Worse, her father and brother, as if they have the monopoly of a brand of justice only known to them in their turfs, would come to her defense and flash dirty fingers at her critics. That’s preposterous and terribly condemnable!

Relatedly, Interior and Local Government Secretary Jesse Robredo appears to have no enough balls to impose immediate actions against the Dutertes, who are administration allies, by just saying his department has found probable cause to file administrative charges against Sara and, by the way, has it already been filed?

For a start, the Scophil, bent on seeking multiple sanctions against the Dutertes, will hold on Monday a motorcade which will pass through the Office of the Ombudsman where the sheriffs will file another complaint to seek the suspension from office of Sara who’s a lawyer.

It would be separate from the complaint of direct assault and grave misconduct that the group filed with the anti-graft office last month.

The group will then head to Malacañang to file a complaint of grave misconduct against the three Dutertes.

Afterwards, it will go to the Supreme Court’s Office of the Bar Confidant to file a disbarment case against Sara to have her expelled from the practice of law.

Let’s see what will happen next. Can this group outdo and outsmart the Dutertes? Let’s see.

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