Plunder of PNCC Gratuity Fund (3)

MEANWHILE, and per the indi-cated Commission On Audit, the following Philippine National Construction Corporation Board Members, Executives, the Corporate Secretary and its Staff individually RECEIVED huge amounts, charged against their respective retirement/gratuity benefits, to wit:

The members of  This  (PNCC) Board were : Arthur N. Aguilar, Chairman; Ma. Theresa T. Defensor, Vice Chairman and President/CEO; Josefa I. Aquino, Chairman-Emeritus; Ottomama M. Benito; Enrique C. Quejito, Jr.; Elberto F. Emphasis; Roy Eduardo T. Lucero; Fermin S. Lusung, Sr.; Jeremy Z. Parulan; Marvin V. Paule; Garth Noel P. Tolentino; Antonio P. Vilar;  Winston F. Garcia (Ex-Oficio); and Guillermo N. Hernandez (Ex-Oficio).

And those who RECEIVED gratuity benefits thru CASH ADVANCE, and the corresponding millions they have individually received, according to

COA’s mentioned AOM,  were : Aguilar,  P4.6 M; Tolentino, P5.8 M; Parulan, P5.8 M;  Lusung, P6.2 M; PAULE, P23.9 M; Vilar, P5.6 M; Cuejito, Jr., P5.2 M; Lucero, P4.8 M; Benito, P4.7 M; Her-nandez, P2.2 M; Gaston, P3.2 M; Purugganan, P1.5 M;  Maca-saet, P1.5 M; and Cu, P1 M.

For the less familiar, Rolando L. Macasaet was former President and Chairman of the PNCC Board and its subsidiaries.

Wilfredo P. Cu, on the other hand, was former President of PNCC and PNCC Skyway Corporation and its subsidiaries.

Their surprise inclusion as gratuity fund beneficiaries was authorized by an undisclosed  2009 resolution of This Board.

What could drive Juan Dela Cruz to run berserk is that the millions of pesos received by the aforenamed PNCC directors-recipients from the indicated gratuity fund have been DIS-ALLOWED by COA for violating DBM  Circular Letter  No. 2002-2 (1/2/02).This circular instructs that retirement gratuities are personal benefits  granted IN ADDITION to salaries.

As fringe benefits, such gratuities are to be paid ONLY when basic salary is also paid.

Members of the board of directors of government corporations are NOT salaried officials of the government.

As non-salaried officials of PNCC, therefore, members of the PNCC Board, are NOT entitled to PERA, AD-COM, YEB as well as retrenchment benefits.

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