RR Enriquez Needs To Add Some Weight!

THERE is no doubt that sexy TV star RR Enriquez is a real beauty with a pleasing charismatic appeal at that.

But coming from a Reputasyon fanatic (a noon time serye of channel 2) like myself where she is a regular, her being extremely skinny in boobtube is visually tolera- ble but in person, when we had a short chat with her in a location shoot, we can say that she is more stimulating and totally appealing if she will allow herself to have small fats, here and there, just like before.

Being skinny is different from being sexy and if we are going to compare her total looks from her Wowowie days to her outward appearance today, before is far better.

If we are going to give RR an unsolicited advice, please get back to your old shape and structure where every male individual used to create a fixture image of her at their subconscious mind. Hahahahaha!


If there is one quality we can attribute to the national artist Direk Carlo J. Caparas, there’s no doubt that its his charisma because of his ability to influence a large number of people.

It’s not only the entertainment press and media personalities in different beats who are inspired by him, Direk Carlo J. has a different kind of charm wherein he can magnetize every individual especially those who come from the middle to lower class of society.

Perhaps most of them see themselves in his persona because they can relate from the humble beginnings of the husband of equally charismatic Tita Donna Villa.

Just a slice of a history, Direk Carlo J. used to be a security guard of a publishing company whose primary passion is to read stories and novels that were being published by his former employer.

Direk Carlo J. even experienced being humiliated and discriminated for being poor when he was hospitalized and was accidentally shot in his foot where he lied on a makeshift bed overnight in the hallway of the hospital.

Who is going to believe that this former security guard is now a respected national artist who is being envied by what they call “showbiz elitista”?

These “showbiz elitistas” should eat their hearts out for Caparas studio was recently launched when the mega couple forged a monstrous deal with Viva films head, Boss Vic del Rosario, where the film outfit contracted 50 blockbuster novels of Caparas to be made into film or TV series.

Such popular novels include Rosenda, Maestro, Bakekang, Lumuhod ka sa Lupa, Angela Mercado, God Save Me, Tasya Fantasya, Panday Kids, Jacoba, Paano Hahatiin ang Puso, Dalawang Kagat sa Mansanas and Dugong Buhay among others.

The mega couple indeed never run out of surprises and they will continue to give festive moods among the people in the industry and if there is one major thing we should be thankful about them, that is their generosity of giving jobs to the people in production where they  both belong.

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