Sanchez shares fourth place in Malaysia Open

Final Standings:
7.5 points—GM Li Shilong (CHN)
7.0 points—IM Lu Shanglei (CHN), GM Wen Yang (CHN)
6.5 points—Wan Yunguo (CHN), GM Wang Rui (CHN), WGM Ju Wenjun (CHN), GM Joseph Sanchez (PHI)
6.0 points—IM Oliver Dimakiling (PHI), GM Roland Salvador (PHI), IM Nguyen Doc Hoa (VIET), Yu Ruiyuan (CHN), IM Rolando Nolte (PHI), IM Yu Lie (CHN), GM Dao Thien Hai (VIET), Cris Ian Udani (PHI), GM Eldar Gasanov (UKR), WIM Nafisa Muminova (UZB), Sinurat Tumpak (INA)

PARIS-BASED Filipino Grandmaster Joseph Sanchez finished in a tie for fourth to seventh places in the  8th Dato’ Arthur Tan Malaysia Open Chess 2011 at the 5th Floor, Cititel Midvalley Hotel in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia on Thursday, August 25.

The 40-year-old Sanchez collected 6.5 points in the nine-round tournament, the same total of GM Wang Rui, WGM Ju Wenjun and Wan Yunguo of China.

GM Li Shilong of China won the tournament with 7.5 points, half point ahead over compatriots GM Wen Yang and IM Lu Shanglei of China.

Italy-based GM Roland Salvador, International Master Oliver Dimakiling, IM Rolando Nolte and Malaysia-based Pinoy Cris Ian Udani wound up at eighth to 18th places with 6.0 points each in the company of GM Eldar Gasanov of Ukraine, GM Dao Thien Hai and IM Nguyen Doc Hoa of Vietnam, WIM Nafisa Muminova of Uzbekistan, IM Yu Lie and Yu Ruiyuan of China and Sinurat Tumpak of Indonesia.

The other top Filipinos in the field were IM Oliver Barbosa (5.5 points), IM Richard Bitoon (5.5 points), GM Darwin Laylo (5.0 points), Nelson “Elo” Mariano III (5.0 points), National Master Edgar Reggie Olay (5.0 points) and IM Richilieu Salcedo (4.5 points). Liberty Icao

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