Ties that bind PH to China (2)

WILL the Spratlys squabble be brought to the table during the Aquino visit? That’s likely.

Territories – and their limits – are integral parts of all nation-states, the issue where regimes would rise or fall and the most usual flashpoint resulting to armed confrontations between them as we have seen in the course of history; And in the case of our dispute with China over the West Philippine Sea, we find odd that we are behaving with a misplaced sense of “machismo” anchored on our “close friendship” with the United States, our former colonizer, whom some of our officials readily expect to help “little brown brother” by virtue of our Mutual Defense Treaty.

Such assumption flies out the window.

No proviso for “automatic retaliation” by the US in case we got entangled in a shooting war.

What MDT provides in Article 4: either side would come to the aid of the affected party “in accordance with (their) respective constitutional processes.”

In the case of the United States, only the US Congress can declare a state of war.

Then too, the MDT, all throughout, refers to external aggression “in the Pacific.”

In short, we would have been pummeled to the ground by an aggressor while Americans debate the issue of intervention in our favor in the comfort of their own shores and we would have to split hairs with them over the interpretation of the MDT provisions as the West Philippine Sea is not on the Pacific side.

Then too, the history of our over 200 years of relationship with the United States, dating back from the time of the 1898 ‘Battle of Manila Bay,’ shows that it is one anchored on deceit, unrequited sacrifices on our part and outright bullying and exploitation by the United States.

We need not pry the scabs off old wounds: the Military Bases Agreement, the ‘Parity Amendment’ in our 1935 Constitution, the belated recognition of Filipino soldiers who died during World War 2, its support for the Marcos dictatorship until its dying hours…

Then of course, there is the so-called “military foreign sales” (MFS) – we getting war junk and obsolete weaponry from the US like ukay-ukay choppers foisted as new on the PNP, highlighted by the delivery last August 21 of the ‘BRP Gregorio del Pilar.’

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