Tindi ng libido: Morenang sexy star kinikilig na naman sa churvahan nila ng babaero n’yang leading man

IBA talaga ang tindi ng libido ng young actress sexy actress na ‘to.

Sa totoo, humpak-humpakan na ang kanyang pisngi pero wala pa ring katigil-tigil sa kanyang churvahan sessions with most of her leading men. Hakhakhak!

Imagine, lately, ang kachurvahan na naman daw nito ay ang kanyang leading man sa pinakabagong proyekto niya sa isang five-star movie outift, the very reason why she’s tickled pink every time she’s being asked about him.

The guy kasi is famous for being such a stud in bed not only with women but with gays as well. Hakhakhak!

Dati nga, and this was prior to his transferring to the big network that he’s presently working for, usap-usapang hada galore siya ng isang gay actor/teevee host who comes from a family of actors talaga. Hakhakhak!

Anyway, she’s the latest excitement in the life of this actor who seems not to find another girlfriend at the network he’s presently under contract with simply because he’s been ignominiously labelled as a veritable user. Bigla na lang kasing tinuwaran ang syota niya nang mahalatang hindi na ito kasing-hot na tulad nang dati sa network na kanilang pinagtatrabahuhan.

Ang ending, he’s now being avoided like the plague. Ligawan ba naman kasi ang best  friend nu’ng ex niya? Banned tuloy siya sa mga chicks roon. Hakhakhak!

Anyway, they seem to be getting along real fine.

Come to think of it, complimentary namang tunay ang kanilang personalidad.

Unang-una, pareho silang tripper.

In a way, nakakuha ng perfect match ang lalaking ito dahil wala ring keber sa kang- kangan ang babaing ito kaya nangangalirang na ang katawan lately at humpak-humpakan na ang pagmumukha.

Sa totoo, para siyang drug addict sa unang tingin. She used to be voluptuous but lately, she has become almost emaciated and kind of drugged. Hahahahaha!

Come to think of it, perfect match talaga silang dalawa. ‘Yun bang mindless kang- kangan ang specialty and then after that, keber!



Protest to-the-hilt ang mga fansitas nina Nadine, Katrina at Lovi Poe dahil si Sam ang ‘Angela Markado’

HAHAHAHAHA! How amusing naman ang initial reactions ng mga fansitas raw nina Nadine Samonte, Lovi Poe at Katrina Halili dahil ang balak daw paganaping “Angela Markado ng Viva ay si Sam Pinto.

Why naman are these people reacting in such a negative light when Sam naman is only acquiescing to what her mother movie outift would want her to do?

Bakit, did she tell Viva that she wants the plum role to be given to her?

Did she ever lobby at Boss Vic’s office just to get the role that will catapult her to real stardom? Hakhakhak!

Nosirrreeee! Ang Viva ang nagdesisyong babagay sa kanya ang role ni Angela dahil good girl ito who took her vendetta single-handedly when she was raped and abused by men whom she finds grossly detestable.

No offense meant kay Nadine dahil okay naman siya but she, unfortunately, lacks the element of pristine virginity that the role calls for.

Kung in-offer siguro ito sa kanya nu’ng time na leading-lady palang siya ni Oyo Boy Sotto, there’s no doubt that she’d be ideal for the role for she was freshness per- sonified during that time unlike now when she looks kind of wasted.

Lovi Poe, in fairness to her, is okay naman but she has the looks of a man-eater now and is no longer virginal the way she was when she was just but starting out in the business.

Katrina Halili, in all fairness, is a good actress but she looks vampy and not the sweet girl who’s considerably toughened up by virtue of her harrowing experience with her abominable rapists.

Now, you must have come to realize why Boss Vic has chosen Sam to delineate the role that will surely give Sam the kind of respect and recognition that she deserves.

Bago kasi magngangawngaw na parang mga asong ulol, mag-isip-isip muna para di napahihiya. Hahahahahahaha!

Virginal dapat ang mukha ng character rito sa simula na magta-toughen-up halfway in the movie when she starts to make her vendetta. Hakhakhak!

Kuha n’yo?

Ay, syonga! Hahahahahahahahahaha!

Para kayong si Joanna ‘Vavalina’ de Castro na nag-aral kuno pero idiota at ang tanga-tanga, so very makyoho pa at mabahonga. Hahahahahahaha!

‘Yun na!



K-La Rivera is the new MYX VJ

TALENTED K-La Rivera was chosen as one of the winners together with Joyce Pring and Mike Advincula in this year’s MYX VJ Search Finals Night which was recently held at The Block Atrium in SM North Edsa. She now joins the gifted league of MYX VJs like Luis Manzano, Iya Villania, Nikki Gil, Chino Lui Pio, and Bianca Roque.

She has previously impressed the audience with her brilliant musicality on ABS-CBN’s “Star Power” where she was labelled as the R&B Sweetheart from Calgary, Canada. With her MYX VJ stint, K-La is out to impress people with her new becoming side as an eloquent host.

Not a stranger in joining talent contests, she was discovered in 2007 through the David Foster Star Search in Canada where she had the chance to perform with David Foster himself at the Jack Singer Concert Hall. She was also invited to perform with Foster at various events around Canada including an appearance on Canada AM in Vancouver.

Apart from her stint as a MYX VJ, she performs regularly on ASAP Rocks.

The versatile K-La is slated to make her theater debut in Atlantis Productions’ In the Heights where she delineates Nina Rosario, the 19-year old Stanford student who returns to her old neighborhood with some very upsetting news.

“I’m happy that everything is falling into its right place. I left Canada when I was 18 to pursue my dreams of becoming an artist here in the Philippines. It’s quite lonely sometimes but I’m thankful that my family and friends are always there to cheer and support me. With MYX, I’m looking forward to learn the ropes of host- ing. I’m already excited to interview international and local artists, travel to different places, and attend special events. I love music and I’m sure I’m going to enjoy the sounds of K-Pop, rock, alternative, pop, ballad, R&B, among others,” she says.

K-La Rivera is a Backroom artist. For inquiries, please call Backroom, Inc at 4351108 and 4351120 or email at backroomtalents@pldtdsl.net


Superstar title naging mamera (Tagasalo na lang daw ng projects na ni-reject ni Vilma)

NAG-TEXT sa amin si Willie Fernandez, isang dyed-in-the-wool Vilmanian na nasa GenSan ngayon pero lagi pa ring nakaantabay sa idolo niyang Queenstar for all seasons na si Ms. Vilma Santos, the other day.

“Alin nga ba ang mas matimbang at mas mahalaga, my friend,” he says in earnest, “ang titulong Queen Star for all seasons o ang Superstar?

“Look, darling,” he emphasizes. “Kasi ba naman ang tawag kay Coco Martin ay Male Superstar, si Juday, Young Superstar, si Angeline Quinto ang new superstar raw, meron pang child superstar tienes.

“Ang ending, nagmumukha tuloy mamera ang title na Superstar.

“On the other hand, exclusive ang title kay Ate Vi.

“Solong-solo. Kasi nga, kumikinang ang bituin sa lahat nang panahon.

“Kumbaga, laging nasa uso at di pinagsasawaan.

“Kaya magtigil ang mga nagsasabi riyang nakikisakay kuno si Ate Vi sa Nora Aunor fever na ‘yan dahil hanggang ngayon, dadalawa palang ang offers kay Orang samantalang si Ate Vi ay may standing offers pa, maliban sa mga nabanggit ko sa ‘yo the other day, ang Regal at ang TV5 na movie with Robin Padilla.

“Magtigil, huh?

“As you must have noticed, one week lang ang Nora fever. Back to normal na.

“Walang halong pang-iintriga, tagasalo na lang si Orang ng projects na ni-reject ni Ate Vi.

“‘Yang El Presidente at Hototay,” he points out in earnest, “unang inialok ‘yan kay Ate Vi.

“Go pa nga si Mother Lily sa Batangas Capitol the other month.

“Sino ngayon ang totoong reyna, aber?

‘”Yun lang!”

Very well said indeed!

“Being in the movie industry does not necessarily mean that you’re a star!” bitingly states the pugnacious GenSan beauty. “Being a star does not mean that you’re a Superstar.

“And being a Superstar is not enough quarantee that you’re a showbiz royalty.

“That separates Vilma Santos from the rest,” he trills. “She’s the Star For All Seasons and Reasons.

“Kuha mo?”

Opo. Bow! Hahahahahaha!

In the midst of such eloquence, need I say more?



JC Regino hanga kina Guy at Vi

NITONG huling mapasyal kami sa Marikina residence ni April ‘Boy’ Regino, naabutan namin ang kanyang bagets na anak na bising-busy sa pagko-compose ng mga awitin supposedly intended for his solo album next year.

Out of the blue, tinanong namin siya kung sino ba kina Nora at Vilma ang feel niya.

“Magkaiba sila, Kuya, pero parehong magagaling,” he ventures without a modicum of hesitation. “Si Ate Guy, nagi-excel sa singing but Ate Vi’s a topnotch politician and unmatched in that field, too.

“Sa acting naman, pareho silang magagaling. Kumbaga, method actress si Nora at raw acting naman ang kay Ms. Vilma pero parehong effective.”

Given the chance to make a choice, who would it be for him?

“Mahirap pumili dahil may mga katangian nga silang kanilang-kanila lang,” he avers. “Pero kung talagang papipiliin ako, I’ll choose my dad anytime.

“Siya ang idol ko sa singing at wala nang iba pa,” comes his cool reply.

Oo nga naman. Hakhakhak!

Kay JC pa rin, superfab ang response sa kanyang Ang Buhay Ko’y Para Sa ‘Yo na latest single release niya under Viva records.

“Abangan nila, kuya, ang solo album ko late this year or most probably, early next year under Viva.”


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