We are still Asians (2)

I THINK it is only fair for the supporters of the Hong Kong nationals demanding an apology from Aquino, to also require an apology and compensation from the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region authorities, if not from Chinese premier Wen Jiabao or Chinese President Hu Jintao, for the abuses being inflicted on our fellow Filipinos by their employers in the former crown colony.

At least by doing this you disabuse the notion that your only objective in supporting the grief-stricken Chinese families is to make Aquino lose his face and to hug the headlines.

* * *

Last Tuesday, the country took a historic step by becoming the 117th state to join the Rome Statute establishing the International Criminal Court which was created to end impunity all over the world.

Curiously, the United States, the self-proclaimed “leader of the democratic world”, has yet to sign the Rome Statute.

It reportedly even bullied a number of world leaders from signing it during the administration of Pres. George Bush Jr. as it was the height of his so-called war against terror.

The treaty nearly failed to be ratified due to the refusal of Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo to forward it to the Philippine Senate despite being signed by former President Joseph Estrada. Note that the culture of impunity became so pervasive in the civilian and military sectors of the government during her regime.

Probably now that the treaty has been ratified it could reverse the rampaging tide of impunity, especially in the countryside.

The ICC can trace its roots from the Tokyo and Nuremberg Military Tribunals that tried Japanese and NAZI war criminals of the Second World War.

Its creation in 1998 was a reaction to the barbarity of leaders and dictators in Asia, Middle East, Africa, Eastern and Southern Europe of the 90’s.

This is a clear victory of the people.

Congratulations to all those who worked hard for its ratification.

* * *

My deepest condolences to the family of the late Raul Beltran, a fellow traveler, writer and friend who died early this week due to cancer.

I met Kuyang Raul only last December but our Masonic bond made it seems like we are long lost brothers.

Through him I got in touch again in Facebook with an old friend like Ben Rosario.

Kuyang, may the Great Architect of the Universe bless your soul and keep it in his bossom where that celestial lodge above, eternal in the heavens, is.

* * *

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