What autonomy?

AN independent Islamic state in Mindanao?

No way.

While some of us are in no position to question PNoy’s initiative to
hold a secret-now-made-public meeting with top leaders of the Moro Islamic Liberation Front (MILF), we can’t help doubting if any proposed creation of a Moro substate with awesome powers and an expanded territory will finally solve the decades-old conflict which continuously displaces almost countless lives especially the innocent ones.

The President certainly has in his mind finding the lasting solution through a peace accord and eventually the creation of a Bangsamoro  state  carved out of a country called  the Philippines. Nonetheless, would it be the best formula?

I don’t think so.

With the volatile situation taking place in Mindanao right now, with the MILF and its counterpart, the Moro National Liberation Front (MNLF) plus the Abu Sayyaf bandits and the tribal clans that have been killing one another over land ownership, will autonomy be the answer…and whose autonomy will it be?

And if the Aquino government would continue pursuing it, it’s like it wants to let them do the infighting and can it just turn a deaf ear if Muslim people will kill one another as they all claim superiority over others? Will the MNLF allow itself to be subservient to the MILF which was actually a broken faction of the former in the 90’s until it manages to wield clout and powers and the other way around?

Again only our innocent Muslim brothers’ lives would be caught in inconceivable clashes of the warriors. We might have war instead of peace PNoy is dreaming about.


If reports were true in a recent University of the Philippines forum that Cultural Center of the Philippines chair Emily Abrera was unperturbed amid growing calls for her resignation and other CCP officials over the controversial and blasphemous exhibit there, well this is big challenge for the concerned government authorities to act swiftly against these callous people.

Thanks but no thanks to these CCP people for closing the exhibit which to me is sacrilegious because they have already allowed themselves to be used by the artist whose name I didn’t want to bother to mention as he’s undeserving and insensitive.

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