20 Pinoys died in 9/11 terror attacks

TEN years after the deadliest terrorist attacks in the US, it is only now that we learn that there were two Filipinos who actually died on board the two planes that crashed into the twin towers, along with 18 others of Filipino descent.

These 20 Filipinos are among those who are now being honored on this year’s National September 11 Memorial and whose names shall be engraved in the Museum that will be opened near the Ground Zero, the former site of the World Trade Center in New York City, USA.

This new piece of information, however, has not been made public until today. It did not occur to us that we should all be grieving for our kababayans who died in that attack.

Then President Arroyo as well as our national leaders were quick to issue the strongest condemnation, but were clueless of this fact now unfolding before us.

Unfortunately, up to now, the names of these 20 Filipinos are not immediately known to us.  Ten years ago, we were not fully sure whether there were Filipinos who died in the terror attacks.

Based on official records, more than 3,000 people died, majority of them are Americans. A further check of the total number of fatalities would show that only 16 Filipinos died when actually they are 20 of them.

Now that we know there were, it is about time we should identify who they are.

So it is not too late to name these Filipinos who fell victims to the devastating terrorist attacks that changed the world and the way we live our lives today.

Their families here must have been grieving in silence for long, away from any attention of our media. We never heard their stories.  We never heard their cries. We were all clueless.

On this historic day, we wish to offer flowers and candles as a way of paying respect and honor to these hapless Filipinos and of sharing in the agonies of their families.

Their deaths have not been in vain for they taught us a lesson about harsh realities in the world.  Indeed, we live in a risk society.


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