A farewell to all alms

BAGO ipamudmod ang kung ilang pirasong isda – sa halip na magturo ng pangingisda – na halos $1.3 bilyon sa 923,000 pamilya mula 2009 hanggang 2014 alinsunod sa pakangkang, este, pakanang Conditional Cash Transfer, mas masaya siguro kung inilaan na lang ang ganyan katinding halaga sa pagbili ng bulto-bultong produktong de krudo —kahit diesel o gasolina lang.

No, I won’t even whimper at what the Scriptures put so well — “The poor you shall al-ways have with you” — or what a politician from Australia had pointed out, “Poverty is a function of human behavior.”

With nearly $1.3 billion to plunk into fuels procurement, I’d make sure that I’d get a captive market…so I’ll lock transport groups into exclusive purchase contracts, why, they’ll have to buy from my end — Pasang Masda…all such alphabet soup of bus companies plying both metropolitan and provincial routes…I’d leave Piston to the tender mercies of other fuel retailers, why, that group makes up for loudmouth noise what it lacks in numbers, pwe-he-he-he!

Sure, I’d likely be sued for cut-throat pricing if I can soften prevailing pump prices.

But I’d stick to the captive buyers that I have locked into exclusive purchase contracts—no option for them but to buy from me…with such a steady stream of buyers, a return on rate base less than 12% would still translate to hundreds of millions of pesos in net profit.

With those profits, I’d rather hire a pair of gasoline attendants plus a cashier from dirt-poor families to man every curbside fueling post that my outfit would set up. That’s the beauty of the Downstream Oil Industry Deregulation Law or R.A. 8479 that allows every Tom, Dick, or Dong to directly buy fuels overseas — no need to keep a law-dictated fuels inventory of 90 days as it was sought under a regulated regime… why, Malacañang or any suitable dummy could have done direct fuels importation with the monies thats now being frittered away in that CCT stupidity.

Hey, “thoughts are things” and they’re as palpable as the twin pairs of cornucopia knives that I carry on my person…so I’d rather not offer mendicant thoughts…or futile belly aching that only befits those with full bellies and empty heads.

Sure, this warlock hasn’t banged out a decent – I like ‘em indecent – column for sometime.

But I won’t waste your time with an offering of puerile fury or mad ranting at whatever peeves me for the moment.

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