Aga Muhlach in an original breakthrough TV show

IT WAS fun to be a child once more. That was when I was one of those ferreted out of Quezon City by TV5 to join a caravan of movie reporters to meet up with Aga Muhlach in his press brief for his new edutainment program billed “Pinoy Explorer” at the  Nido Science Center at the Mall of Asia.

It was also our first time to discover what Nido Science Center had to offer.

Right off, I was amazed at the child-friendly contraptions in the direction of opening up the mind’s child to the wonders of science. Whatever the cost of its admission fee, this Nido wonder is worth the long travel even if I was tagging my only apo-apohan three-year old Noah Ezekiel G. Enero (named after the teleserye of Piolo Pascual and Zaijian Jaranilla) who was gifted a 50-peso crispy bill from colleague Ronald Constantino as goodluck money for joining the trip although I must confessed the tyke proved a little hyper running from one science gizmo to another__the child wonder in him.

The science center was most apt as the setting for our face-off with Aga Muhlach. We felt like being transported to another planet and to know that on Sept. 18 Sunday, TV5 will premiere the biggest edutainment program on Phil. TV right after “Pidol’s Wonderland” and yes, every Sunday thereafter.

So what gives? Sundays will never be this exciting as Aga personally takes the viewers on a real voyage using the most cutting-edge technology and state-of-the-art computer graphics as he reveals the most awe-inspiring world of dinosaurs with the “Clash of the Titans” series and BBC’s “Walking With Dinosaurs.”

True to his title of being the “Pinoy Explorer” Aga goes around the world taking viewers with him and sharing with them his new-found knowledge and wondrous adventures in the most entertaining way possible.

Directed by Rowell Santiago, each episode of “Pinoy Exlorer” brings in valuable learning about geography, science and even paleontology. Head of Creative and Entertainment Production Percy Intalan could not have been more dramatic,  authoritative and gamely as well in reinforcing Aga Muhlach who parried all sorts of questions from the audience to the max.

This is another breakthrough on Phil. TV. Unlike the rest of those TV hosts who pirate materials from ready made videos and appropriate it as their own, Aga here is an all-new person as we see him as himself this time, not portraying a role but showing his happiest and bubbliest personality as he leads us to discover the true beauty of the world that we live “in situ,” in the actual place that is.

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