Always at disadvantage

LET US continue discussing the remedial measures the Navotas City government is employing against the perennial floods plaguing a large part of the city.

Instead of waiting while his constituents are haplessly suffering from unabated floodwaters, Navotas City  Mayor John Rey Tiangco just did the right thing when he orders the local engineering office to build river wall and more pumping stations particular in the city’s worst hit village of Tangos.

He says: “The city government is compelled to take the initiative as it is always after the welfare and interest of the residents including students who are already suffering from the unabated flooding in the area.”

During the construction, the city health office and the city environment and natural resources are expected to observe sanitation and regular garbage collection in the affected barangay to avoid the spread of disease which usually occurs on flood-affected areas.

Always at disadvantage

It’s always been expected like what happened in Davao City more than two months ago wherein court sheriff Abe Andres opted to keep silent and refused to do any legal action to get even with the short-tempered Mayor Sarah Duterte who literally used her hands against the powerless court officer who just happened to be merely carrying out an order from a local judge.

In a place which is virtually a territory for the Dutertes, who wields immense power and clout, how could a small fry like Andres go against these people? He would rather keep his mouth shut than talk but only to get “silenced” later.

Andres’ predicament is nothing new for such similar incidents wherein the weak are always clobbered by the powerful have become prevalent nowadays, the latest of which was the alleged punching by Lanao del Sur Rep. Mohammed Hussein Pangandaman against one security guard Ricardo Bonayog.

We can’t blame the Commission on Human Rights if it can’t pursue a case against the influential congressman because the victim, out of fear for his life, chose not to seek legal remedies though he says no one threatens him or his family.

The poor will always be at disadvantage.

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