Arrogant, numb and hollow

DISGRACEFUL and infuriating were PNoy’s henchmen like his mouthpiece Edwin Lacierda and unreal and self-proclaimed “Mr. Palengke” Mar Roxas who both had the gall to lash out at poor jeepney drivers for being “onion-skinned” as they called last Monday’s transport strike as “perwisyo.”

And yet these are the same “righteous men” who boringly promote PNoy’s righteous path in dealing with people as if they are the better crops compared with those from the immediate past graft-infested regime of Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo, now a Pampanga congresswoman.

The striking jeepney drivers were at first elated when Roxas, the defeated vice presidential bet who’s the President’s favorite, showed up on the street and approached them but only to throw insults to the hapless drivers by describing their move to be “perwisyo” or nuisance to the  public. C’mon Mr. Peke Palengke, you’re a little bit lucky that elections are still quite far.

Nevertheless, they could always remember you as the man who contemptuously interprets their sacrifices as mere “perwisyo” even if they swallow the fact that their families would not eat for the day for joining the strike only to show how they object to the spiraling oil prices and the not-so serious actions of the “student council-like” Aquino administration.

As if Roxas’ slur is not enough, Lacierda in his Twitter account remarked on jeepney drivers he called leftists: “Noticed how leftists are so onion-skinned? Tinawag lang perjuicio ang strike, pumuputok ang butchi nila! Mahilig bumanat pero mga pikon pala!”

Another arrogant and insensitive presidential mouthpiece, Abigail Valte was saying that “more people tweeted about being affected by the strike than about the issues of oil prices that prompted the strike.”

These are the same “plastic” people of PNoy who pretentiously say that the Palace is not insecure at all as it’s much happy over Vice President Jojo Binay’s higher trust and approval rating as latest surveys show.

Tell it to the Marines. Good Riddance

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