Cristine Reyes for best actress!

BER months are already here and so is the Star Awards for TV which is fast approaching.

In fact, TV reviews among the members of Philippine Movie Press Club (PMPC) is already starting.

In this regard, Cristine Reyes is already a shoo-in as a nominee for Best Actress for her sterling performance in Reputasyon which is being aired on the Star Network everyday from 2PM.

Comparing Cristine with other female lead starrer on her genre, we can confidently say that she is way ahead as of the moment, plus we need to consider her remarkable leap from a sex symbol to an actress in the real sense of the word.

This story involving a sexy star from a big film outfit and another sexy star from an equally big TV network is definitely one for the books.

Take this for our starter. Sexy star A (the one coming from the film outfit) used to be “sold” to anyone who is affluent enough to afford her sky-rocketing “price tag” but in this kind of business, which is a flesh business to be more blunt about it, there is such a thing called depreciation cost which means that the longer you stay in this kind of trade, the lower rate your rate becomes.

As expected, she’s been able to reach the twilight zone thereby putting an end to her career as a flesh peddler. So right now she has become a high class skin peddler or in street parlance, a pimp.

Now, guess who was her first talent? No less than sexy star B (the one coming from the TV network) who is selling like the proverbial hotcake these days among the male species where her asking price is ranging from P200K up to P500K per explo- sion.
Take 30% out of the total rate and that’s the earning of sexy star A for every client and that is indeed a promotion with regards to income generation.
Clue? Aside from being a member of the popular all-female dance group, sexy star A is also a You Tube sensation for she hits million of viewers in her not-so-recent squabble in The Fort.

Sexy star B? Take your pick and guess who among the housemates in Kuya’s house is the most capable of doing such act…getz?

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