Gerald Santos adding brilliance to his ‘Pinoy Pop Superstar’ title

RECENTLY, I bumped into GMA-7’s Pinoy Pop Superstar grand champion 2006 Gerald Santos who is slated to do concerts in London and Australia according to his manager Dr. Rommel.

The Australian invite is through quondam movie scribe and colleague of ours RC Reyes who has turned himself into a legitimate stage director along with de facto ex-husband Dr. Marcelino Cavestany, Jr. (they have long separated but are yet in souls tightly entwined to  the seventh generation I guess)  in the Fil-Aussie community of Sydney, Australia as twittered by one Filipino Muslim princess, cognoscente and cultural mover  there Madame Alex Tocalo who was a consummate dance diva herself during  the era of the Apolinario sisters on  the local TV scene. Think “Dance O Rama,”  “Night Owl,” etc. hahaha! Decades of haunting memories alright.

RC Reyes’s is re-staging this year Goquinco’s classic “Her Son, Rizal” which was originated by singer and former ABS-CBN talent RJ Rosales. Gerald Santos is in Director Reyes’s shortlist for the same role.  The singer’s hefty resume as TV5’s mainstay along with his previous roles as Rizal in Gantimpala Productions would make him fit the bill.

Add to that the recent solo concert of Gerald at Music Museum, Greenhills which more than affirmed the virtuoso in him. Sang he did from the heart surprisingly not just one genre but a diverse repertoire yet of selections associated with the  soft rock genre  combining elements even of pop,  soul, funk,  R & B, jazz  and  OPM ballads for the schmaltzy hearts which included the  sorely missed  compositions of George Canseco and Willy Cruz, among others.  Such tough act to follow indeed.

Gerald was in his most soulful element when he did a capella to the spectators’ uproarious hoots over his individuated rendition of  the immortal compositions of the aforementioned  composers with the elevating voice of the UP Concert Chorus backing him up.

The quintessential    number of grand champion and Sand Artist Joseph Valerio of TV5’s “Talentadong Pinoy” doing his exquisite art on a glass canvass with powdery sands as paint magnified yet on the video wall to the voice of Gerald capturing the essence of Freddie Aguilar’s OPM was such a  show-stopper.

When Gerald called onstage his icon Wency Cornejo whose song was the former’s  winning number at the Pinoy Pop Superstar, the audiences simply went hysterical and wild at the two artists together doing Cornejo’s national anthem.

In all, the production did not carry much of the shopworn bag-of-tricks to prop up the magnificent  performer in Gerald. A fabulous damn solo performer, he single-handedly breezed through it all of three hours  with the power of his voice that is uniquely Gerald.

The reason why to this time the most loved songs from the album of Pinoy Pop Superstar Grand Champion still resonate in the hearts of the millions of  fan following of this truly gifted and brilliant  artist.

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