Jasmine Curtis in her most challenging debut to knock down sister Anne

UNANG pinarangalan ang genius na sumulat ng komiks version ng “Bangis” na isang highly-rated teleserye ngayon ng TV5 na si Direk Carlo J. Caparas  on the occasion of its launching which to our book is the first of its kind high on environmental and social content. Think Catholic Mass Media award.

For the second time around through the dynamic leadership of Kapatid network’s Entertainment and Creative Services  head Percy Intalan the same gesture was bestowed on the original writer/director of the movie “Ang Utol Kong Hoodlum”  Director Deo J. Fajardo on its press launch at the auditorium of  Unilab, Pioneer, Mandaluyong City for which the current  teleserye version of TV5 of the same title was inspired by and based upon.

The occasion which formally introduced the pretty and buxom sister of Anne Curtis, Jasmine Curtis as female lead (previously essayed by Vina Morales) to JC de Vera who is reprising the role of Philippine cinema’s bad boy Robin Padilla was more than an adrenalin-pumping and state-of-the art live and sneak preview into the teleserye’s most juicy highlights. Given the right packaging, Jasmine in her most challenging debut as gun mole to a hoodlum is predicted to come to par if not surpass the achievements of her elder sister.

It was among others, also a humbling tribute to the genius of Director Deo J. Fajardo as the original screenwriter/director of “Ang Utol Kong Hoodlum”  with which he even got a “blockbuster director award”  from the   Guillermo Foundation Award.

While Robin Padilla and Vina Morales were put on VTR congratulating TV5 for the momentous event, the gesture to honor Director Fajardo’s oeuvre dripped all about the festive event with  his name in the credits in bold face yet on two AVPs which served as stationary backdrop of the high-end launch replete with high production values. Think JC de Vera slugging it out with the teleserye’s goons in a beautifully choreographed fast-paced action routine to the sheer delight of mostly the movie press as spectators.

On top of it, Director Fajardo was called  onstage to join  the major cast led by JC and Jasmine (including Arci Muñoz, IC Mendoza, Mariz Ricketts ,Bella Flores, Flora Gasser, Dennis Padilla, Carlo Aquino, Ramon Christopher, Benjie Paras, etc.) for the open forum.  Director Fajardo was more than honest in all his praises for the newest tandem of Jasmine and JC for the recent version of his masterpiece when asked to comment about the potentials of the two to measure up to the original version.

I have not seen such great gesture to honor a screenwriter for his work than this one done with utmost aplomb and style. It almost made Director Fajardo cry. As he was ushered out, I spotted from a distance  Mr. Intalan walking up to him for a photo op, see? Such a great honor really for Director Fajardo.

“Ang Utol Kong Hoodlum” teleserye according to Mr. Intalan was supposed to get an earlier airing yet. But out of respect for action star Robin Padilla whose soap opera “Guns and Roses” was then currently on air at ABS-CBN, they opted to move back its showing. Call that a magnanimous act of corporate ethics amidst the unstoppable battle of networks. But the long wait according to Mr. Intalan was well worth it. It will premiere on September 12 under the direction of Directors Topel Lee and veteran if iconic and good friend Argel Joseph.

Obviously, the tandem of  JC de Vera and Jasmine Curtis is highly predicted to become the heir apparent to the “hoodlum” throne of Robin Padilla and Vina Morales. Why not, let’s see to that.

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