Kris Aquino ‘sugar mommy’ to Diether Ocampo says Cristy Fermin

THIS one is for dear Pete A. who was yet in the panel of TV5’s “Juicy Express” when we last guested in it about what (?) three years ago to be exact. And fast forward just this week I was invited in the same TV show along with other dear friends in the biz to whom I shared the round table cum filling buffet with Cesar Pambid, Glenn Sibonga, Maricris Nicasio and Charlie Lozo on the occasion of the TV show’s 3rd year anniversary.

Before we got on board to face-off with the added hosts in it lead by Cristy Fermin (Pete A’s nemesis or is it the other way around?), IC Mendoza, Mo Twister, Alex Gonzaga and the sensation of the hour Shalala aka Tolits when he was yet virtually unknown, Cristy pointed out that to be exact it is at least two and a half-year yet for her since she last joined the show. By subtext or reading her between the lines, it’s giving credits to others where it is due to include former co-hosts Pete A. of course including Morley Alinio.

One big mouth in the group could not help drag Pete A.’s name into the casual, almost senseless chatters about showbiz’s latest fodder obviously to stoke the fire between Cristy and Pete A. if any. Cristy with her patented grin up her ears matched with pair of glinting, winking eyes, said and I quote, “Mahal niya (Pete A.) kasi ako, that’s why palagi niya akong sinusulat. Nababasa ko lahat ng mga sinusulat niya. May copy kami lahat ng dyaryo.” End of quotation.

Neither me nor anyone dared to heckle Cristy into making more comments about Pete A. yet. To survive in this business we learn to play the game of neutrality safely this way given the fact that there are no permanent enemies nor friends in the biz, only interest as the cliché goes. Your worst enemy today, becomes your best friend tomorrow. Another cliché, but it’s true these things do happen the vulnerable mortals that we are to the vagaries and impermanence of time churva.

“Juicy Express” via Cristy F. managed to do a couple of intriguing blind items, one on Kris Aquino who reportedly always picks up the bill for Diether Ocampo everytime they go out on a date making her appear a “sugar mommy” or at most a hospitable matrona; and the other one on Whitney Tyson who is now reportedly a helpless washed out suffering from the curse of karma over her prima donna attitude in dealing with the production staff.

One most noticeable nonverbal act in Cristy’s hosting act among other things was she seemed to deliberately avoid commenting whenever the name of the Superstar Nora Aunor crops up getting across a body English that comes closest to the saying avoiding the Superstar’s name “like a plague.”

Both Cristy Fermin and La Aunor have soft spots in my heart. In a manner of speaking they are both formidable giants in the industry. I fear the day when like two fiery mass of rocks from space they will collide with and destroy each other to scandalous proportions. I wish the Head of TV5’s Creative and Entertainment Production Department Perci Intalan who was responsible for La Aunor’s grand and most successful comeback to the country would do his most constructive act of crisis management in the direction before it is too late.

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