Nora Aunor puts Gov. Vilma Santos in high esteem

FIRST the good news. You think with the rousing and brilliant performance of Super- star La Aunor in her red-carpeted press brief cum viewing for her initial episodes of TV5’s most recent mini-serye Sa Ngalan Ng Ina at SM North Mall, she would have the time of her life to throw barbs at Gov. Vilma Santos despite the lead-in, persistent questions of few malabiga (bitchy) reporters to bring out at least a few bad quotable quotes from her?

Naaah! Nora Aunor was never waylaid wee bit to say negative comments or bad things against her perennial rival and Star for All Seasons Vilma Santos. Instead, she was cautious in defending how busy is Gov. Vilma Santos as a public servant when asked if sumilip man lang ba si Gov. Vi sa kanilang shoot maybe not for her but for Batangas Bokal Christopher de Leon who is her male lead (other than Bembol Rocco) in the serye. And matter-of-factly without emotional scoring (subtext) she admitted also to the fact that they have not talked yet with each other. And  that in due time they will.

La Aunor also was more than happy of the fact that their rivalry has once more created a stir or sparked interests among the movie going public. To their advantage. All through much of her disclosures, Miss Aunor hinted at how she respects and puts on high esteem Ate Vi, adding that if there are few kyaw-kyaws (ripple of intrigues) it must be due to the rabid fans, not from her, see?

Brings us to the point of the brilliance of the Head of the Creative and Entertain- ment Production Percy Intalan who reiterated in his opening remarks about his point in putting much premium in negotiating for the grand comeback of the Superstar to the local scene. The initiative saw its validation in the few episodes of Director Mario O’Hara which in our score card got the highest rating yet so far in terms of total production value and emotional appeal to the senses.

Nothing short of a film in its appeal, parang pelikula ayon sa general feedback. Kakaiba sa run-of-the mill barrage of soap operas on the boob tube. You know what I mean – those acting up and playing to the audience a diarrhea of moments and scenes, actors who mistook mugging as acting,longish melting stares, sampalan left and right, screaming on top of Mt. Apo, etc. amidst a wall-to-wall carpet ng naka- kabinging musical scoring, etc.

None of that in the oeuvre of Directors O’Hara and John Red. And what about Nora Aunor’s performance? She has remained highly cinematic in her looks as if she has not been for years away from us. None of those sagging and scary lines in the face. The fabled brilliant voice and sense of truth in her eyes lingers, drips and still reigns high in back of my mind even after watching her.
Once more Percy Intalan has proven to all and sundry that he was right in making La Aunor come back home to share more of the talent that God has bestowed on her not only for the older generation of clamoring fans but also to the younger generation whose role models for genuine standard of acting is far wanting, if non-extant. In this country, acting before and after Nora will never be the same again. (Perci Intalan might have made the right decision in availing of the services of Ms. Nora Aunor but what about his decision to resurrect Cristy Fermin’s flagging hosting career? Admit it, it is nothing but an abysmal failure! – Ed)

I must say those years in which La Aunor spent her most troubled episodes of her life in the States made her far amply the greatest actress of all time. To believe me you must watch the premiere of Sa Ngalan Ng Ina on Oct. 3 (the red-letter day for the history of Philippine television) right after Willie Revillame’s Will Time Big Time.

I may add that it was a most fortunate experience on the part of Rosanna Roces, Joross Gamboa and the newbies (Nadine Samonte, Eula Caballero, Karel Marquez, Alwyn Uytengco, Edgar Allan Guzman, etc.) in the said mini-serye to come face-to-face no less with  the country’s one and only legendary  Superstar. We toast to that!

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