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INSTEAD of getting rebuked, the Philippine National Police or specifically Director Samuel Pagdilao Jr.’s Criminal Investigation and Detection Group deserves not just a pat on the back as it got the balls rolling over the alleged anomalous purchase of used choppers passed as brand new in 2009.

And Gen. Pagdilao, who’s a lawyer, should likewise be hailed for filing the plunder complaint against ex-First Gentleman Mike Arroyo as well as active and retired PNP officials, most of them are sure to be close to him and yet he makes sure they’re charged accordingly before the Office of the Ombudsman as he finds them, through evidence the CIDG has collated, conspiring with one another.

Sen. Frank Drilon should therefore be pleased instead of injecting such statements that appear the PNP is trying to pass on, if not wash its hands off, by filing the complaint before the anti-graft body office which would be now left with the burden of gathering evidence to fully pin the “conspirators” down. Moreover, the good senator should not worry that the charged police officials would invoke their right against self-incrimination whenever they are called to testify at the Senate hearings. Pagdilao himself is saying as he reassures it there’s no gag order on PNP personnel charged for the questionable P104.9 million purchase of used choppers.

If indeed the CIDG did begin with the fact-finding probe even before the Senate came up with its own so what’s the fuss it’s wrangling about when in fact the former is just doing its job even if those included in the charge sheet are indubitably close to the active top officers since they used to hold key PNP posts.

Accused of adopting a “shot-gun” approach, Pagdilao says it would be unfair as they have cautiously reviewed the case, which he says is strong given the evidence in possession before formally filing the complaint with the anti-graft office. He says: “We are not rushing things here. We have a strong case against those charged who took advantage of their positions at the expense of the PNP.”

Pagdilao cites a CIDG probe which he finds disturbing as almost all respondents who signed the documents attested that the used choppers as brand new while some of the signatories signed the inspection report even if they were not present  during  the actual inspection.

Truly a lawyer, Gen. Pagdilao incisively knows where he’s up to.
Since conspiracy is established as the respondents were found to have participated in the crime, it’s proper to include in the complaint those who are already at the witness protection program as a matter of procedure in the filing of the case.

Also, the impending retirement of PNP chief Gen. Raul Bacalzo and the appointment of his successor are irrelevant in the case, says Gen. Pagdilao who is, without a doubt, highly qualified to get the plum post.

Go General, never mind the doubters. Get these wrongdoers prosecuted and jailed.

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