Planado kung bumira ng PR job si Cristinelli Salazar Fermin

KUNG meron mang pinakamagaling maghanap ng PR job, wala na yatang tatalo pa kay Cristinelli Salazar Fermin, ang undisputed AC/DC Queen ng show business. Hakhakhak!

In all honesty, no one can beat this shrewd and scheming woman when it comes to scouting for a potential victim. Hahahahahahaha! I should know for I could read her like a book and I was there when it happened.


Kung  magsalita siya in her hackneyed Tagalog, you would never have the inkling that she’s a scheming bitch of a woman with her anak-anak eklat. Hahahahahaha!


Pero packaging lang niya ‘yun dahil in truth, she is a devious woman who thrives on her two-timing ways. Hakhakhak! Tupperware baga. Hahahahahaha!

Hayan at swabe siya kung bumiktima ng unsuspecting ‘client’. Hahahahaha!

Looking back, dahil aware siyang pawala na ang isa niyang milking cow (gatas estacierra, darling..Hahahahaha!), doon na siya magsisimulang maghanap ng panibagong kliyente. Hahahahahaha!

At si Papa Willie nga ang naispatan ng kanyang computer brain. Hahaha! For this shrewd woman doesn’t come cheap.

Kung kami ni Peter Ledesma ay kayod-marino na sa halagang pang-chiclet lang ng babaeng umuuga-uga ang dentures, si Ferminata ay dollar account talaga. Hakhakhak!

And to think na hindi raw siya tumatanggap, huh?

Oo nga naman, nang maliit. Hakhakhak!

Did I hit the nail right on its head ladies and gentlemen? Hahahahahaha!

Kita n’yo naman, as early as August 6, 2000 ay pinapasadahan na niya si Pareng Willie.

Mga banat na padaplis-daplis almost on a daily basis hanggang ma-curious ‘yung taong involved at makipag-communicate na sa kanya. Hahahahaha!

After that, almost on a day to day basis, she would write about her protege incessantly. Hakhakhak!

Para naman di magreklamo ang mga otawzing sa publication, may I invite rin niya ang mga ito para ma-meet kuno ang kanyang protege na gibsona siyempre in the process. Hakhakhak!

From then on, wala na siyang gagawin kundi writetsina ang alaga niya to the point of nausea. Hakhakhak!

Tapos hindi raw siya tumatanggap? Hakhakhak!

Like I said a while ago, hindi nga, kung di suited sa kanyang image na dollar account talaga. Hahahahahaha!

Ang nakababaliw pa, once na hawak na niya ang isang personalidad, di ka uubrang umeksena nang wala siyang go signal. Hakhakhak!

Tandang-tanda pa namin more than a decade ago when she was making bakod with this good-natured actor-politician who was quite chummy to Peter and I.

Nu’ng una, okay lang sa kanya. But when I wrote a magazine article about him and he landed on the cover, she was implacably vexed. Hahahahaha!

Ma-insecure ba? Hahahahaha!

Pa’no naman, wah niya write ito sa mga magazines kaya na-inse ang lomodic na lola. Hahahahahaha!

The next thing we knew, the actor’s guesting at my radio proram did not materialize anymore because the taling-harap matrona did not approve of it. Hahahahaha!

Kunsabagay, she had all the reasons to feel inadequate and insecure.

Ang mukha ba namang ‘yan ay di mai-insecure sa amin? Hakhakhak!

On top of that, we are more voluble and articulate, she is naturally scared that we might impress the guy so much, she’s bound to loose her bread and butter in the process.

Kung bakit kasi puro Tagalog ang mina-muster, gayung Taglish generation na ngayon? Hahahahahaha!

Now, grannie goose, you must have come to realize why Juicy is not in any way rating or being appreciated by the multitude.

Passe’ na ang hosting style mo, lola.”Yang  mga kata at kita mo ay kapanabayan pa nina Atang dela Rama at Carmen Rosales at hindi na applicable sa now generation. Hahahahahaha!

Kaya kahit magpakamatay ka pa sa pagbabalita ng mga kwento mong pang-lola, wasang na, te. Tigbakers na ang career mo at kahit na sipsipan mo pa nang walang patumangga ang bilyonaryong bossing mo, di ka pa rin papasukin ng mga commercials.

Nakapanghihinayang nga, in a way, ang talent ni DJ Mo na hindi makaalagwa dahil wala siyang makabatuhang matinu-tino. Hakhakhak!

Magnganga ka na lang kasi at damihan mo ang apog para lalong kumapal ang apog mo. Hakhakhak!

Ayyyyoooookkkkoooooh! HAHAHAHAHAHA!


Panahon na naman ni Mike Tan

PAULO Avelino’s loss is Mike Tan’s gain.

There is no denying that ever since Paulo Avelino moved out of GMA 7 to join the coterie of talents of ABS-CBN, Mike Tan’s dormant career has been rejuvenated or given that much-needed shot in the arm.

As a matter of fact, he is back to delineating leading men roles that used to be the exclusive domain of Aljur Abrenica, Richard Gutierrez, Dennis Trillo and Dingdong Dantes.

Starting September 19, his soap (Kung Aagawin Mo Ang Langit) with Michelle Madrigal and Carla Abellana is slated to have its premier on national television.

Finally, he’s leading man material once again and this positive development has made most of his avid followers definitely happy.

Anyway, this Starstruck 2 Ultimate Survivor has finally got what he rightfully and truthfully deserves.

Dapat lang naman. After all, he’s got the face and the talent, he might as well maximize it to the fore and show to all and sundry that he’s got what it takes to be an actor.


Bumigay ang utak dahil di natupad ang ambisyon at pangarap

WHEN she was a lot younger, she really had this burning ambition of becoming an actress.

And why ever not? She had the intelligence to understand the complexity of any given role and the sex appeal of a Nancy Kwan, that Asian actress who made it quite big internationally wayback during the 60s and the 70s and up to the 80s as well.

But aging is the biggest enemy of an actress and it came to a point when her physical attributes have considerably disintegrated to the point of becoming  practically non-existent.

“Naging artista ba talaga siya before?” most of the people who’ve seen her now would ask with palpable derision. “Pa’no namang nanyari ‘yun?” Hahahahahahaha!

Kung ngayon mo talaga siya idya-judge with her dark skin that’s kind of slightly wrinkled and a bit sagging already, you would never believe that she once was a very attractive woman.

The fact that she’s now a middle-aged woman with that almost wild look on her face and an attitude that borders on categorical insanity, no one would ever believe that she once was an attractive feisty lady who almost made it as an actress if only she did not fall in love with the wrong men.

Anyway, she still sings occasionally at the music lounge partly owned by her once very popular brother who’s considered a living legend in the world of music.

Well, she used to lead a pampered existence but her world had been shattered because of some incidents that were conflicting in nature.

Did all those horrible things really happened or were they simple figments of her wild imagination?

‘Yun na!


Agaw-eksena ang pag-arte ni Erich Gonzales sa ‘Maria La Del Bario’

MARAMING magagaling na artista sa ABS-CBN but it’s an unassailable fact that Erich Gonzales is one of the finest actresses at the Star network.

Honestly, akala nami’y cheapie-cheapie lang ang soap na ‘to (Maria La del Barrio) hanggang sa natutukan naming minsan and from then on, I have to admit that we have been hopelessly ensnared.

Enchong Dee is good but he’s not been able to fully capture the kind of acting that the Hispanic actor who originally starred in it, gave to the role.

But Erich Gonzales is just as competent and as convincing as the Mexican actress Thalia.

Meron ding newcomer na young actor rito na parang hawig kay Marco Alcaraz pero mas bata na agaw-eksena talaga ang presence sa soap with his smouldering machismo.

‘Yun na! Hahahahahahaha!

Kaya kung gusto n’yong maaliw, do watch Maria La del Barrio before TV Patrol.


Kontrobersyal talaga ang Miss World

PAGKATAPOS nang katakot-takot na controversies involving Tim Yap na supposedly under the influence of liquor or drugs raw or whatever while hosting the event at the posh Manila Hotel, pati na rin ang pagwo-walkout ni Fanny Serrano sa nasabi pa ring venue dahil ginutom daw nang husto, ngayong Linggo na mapanonood finally ang much-awaited na coronation night ng Miss World Philippines sa PICC Plenary Hall at mapanonood naman sa GMA-7.

The reigning Miss World Alexandria Mills will enplane all the way from London with the Miss World Organization President Stephen Douglas just to witness the said historical event.

Hosts sa coronation night sina Dingdong Dantes, Carla Abellana at Isabelle Daza at may special performance si Mark Bautista na siyang kumanta ng Miss World Philippines theme song at may special participation din ang hunk na si Aljur Abrenica.

The said event goes on the air at exactly 10 p.m., GMA 7, of course.


Kanya-kanyang perception lang yan

I WAS tired of meeting my deadline so I whiled away the time reading some tabloids. Out of the blue, my eyes were riveted to a column written by my goodfriend Jobert Sucaldito.

The item was a tribute to Nora Aunor’s supposedly real persona as compared to Ate Vi’s (Santos) allegedly PR-oriented packaging.

Well, I’m not out to refute Jobert’s claim or to nullify what he wrote about Ate Vi.

Kanya-kanyang POV (point of view) lang siuro ‘yan but I sincerely like the Queenstar’s effort to make every press people feel at home and I do love the way the people around her (Ate Aida Fandialan, in particular who’s always warm and accommodating) treat the working press.

Okay na lang siguro ang plastikin ako basta’t huwag namang i-ignore tulad nang ginawa ni Aunor sa akin for the past 28 long years.

I’m sorry Jobert pero kaya lang naman bonggacious ang treatment sa ‘yo ni Nora ay dahil sa alam niyang super close ka kay Gov. ER Ejercito.

In my case, she doesn’t have any reason to acknowledge my presence since I’m not in any way a sensational entertainment columnist or someone really worth-knowing.

Kaya nagustuhan ko si Ate Vi ay dahil sa nagi-effort siyang makilala ang working press. Mid-80s palang, kilala na niya ako.

Para sa akin, that’s more than enough.

At least the Queen knows my name and that’s something very comforting.

Maliban diyan, wala na akong expectations pa.

Sa allegation na pina-plastic lang ni Ate Vi ang working press, no big deal amigo.

So be it!

Basta ako, I love Ate Vi because she knows my name unlike Nora whose attitude is even colder than the weather in Alaska. Hahahahahahahaha!

After having stayed in the business for almost three decades, happiness for me is simply getting acknowledged or being recognized.

Sapat-sapat na ‘yun, Jobert, and I’m not expecting anything more than that.


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And with that, ito po ang kuya Pete ninyo na nagsasabing, Christopher, my son, I love you very, very much, my love for you goes beyond eternity.

Adios. Mabalos. I always need you, Nong!

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